Sunday, 23 February 2014

A lazy Sunday afternoon...

Yes it has been a lazy day that started with a lie in.  I know that sounds nice, but when you have arthritis it is the worst thing you can do as you feel so stiff and sore.  It took a while to get the bits and pieces moving easily.   Then I got caught up in the bobsleigh - watching the GB teams, who did very well considering the awful conditions.  After that it was the bacon butty, essential on a Sunday,  a walk to the shop for milk and back home for - crafting, what else? 

I had an idea last night for a glass painting, called Harlequin, and as you can see I've made a start on it.   I need some fine tips for the relief paste,  tried drawing the stars and the paste was just too thick.   No worries, it is all in hand.  It was just nice to have the idea!    Once I'd finished the leading I turned my attention to my Humming Bird,  the one for me.

I used the same template, but I got some different glass paints from Peobeo.   They allowed much more scope for blending.  At first I thought they were past their sell by date as they were all very watery.  So I gave each bottle a good shake and the colour appeared!   It is nice stuff to work with, and comes in bigger pots.  This does look nice with the light behind it. 

It has been a bit of a stop/start day.  I played with my Kindle,  starting to get  used to it now, even managed to add a few apps!  It is also now fully charged, and has some antivirus software on it.  It also has predictive text, which is handy,  it saves on all those typos!   I'm spoilt for choice as regards books, I'd like to revisit some of the classics and a few I've never read, like Catcher In The Rye.  Funny what passes you by.   Had a few panic attacks today and I couldn't fathom why.    I'm sleeping better, but that is because I have started to use Kalms,  just two at night and they just help me to relax.   It would be nice to get back into a regular sleeping pattern, though I was awake at 5 a.m.,  yes I still had the lie in because I was so tired. 

So tomorrow I have to take some stuff to the one stop shop, that means a trip to the local shopping centre, not my favourite place when it is  half term!    Tuesday will be nice,  the exhibition is opening, and there is a workshop with a poet in the afternoon to look forward to.  Oh and some lunch. 

Well my bed is calling, yes in spite of the lie in I still feel tired.  Have a good week.

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BJ said...

Your glass painting is superb Cassidy. BJ