Wednesday, 5 February 2014

And its raining - again!

My Clarity masks arrived today, I got the magpie set, 6 lovely masks.  And what do you have to do with new stash?   Yes, that's right, play with it.  I also got out some old favourites, radiant rain and dylusions, and some rock salt. 

I made the first background using the radiant rain, (see pic).  Then poured on the rock salt and left it to dry.  I did the same with the second piece of card only this time I used dylusions, first I wet the card then sprayed a blue and purple on and mixed it all up.

I left this piece longer and got a deeper effect with the rock salt.  I was also experimenting for tomorrow's art therapy silk painting session. 

Once the first piece was dry I used the background mask and some black soot, plus make up sponge.  A lot of dabbing later and I had two magpies.  Now I have to let them dry thoroughly before moving on to the next stage. 

It was nice getting messy.  My fingers were multicoloured by the time I  had finished.  I had been thinking about using the gelli plate, and still am.  I'd love to use it for the silk painting but the paints aren't suitable for the plate. 

This is the beginning of the picture.  I'm not sure what I am aiming for will work, but it is worth trying.   The radiant paints have given a sky effect.   I keep meaning to order more. 

The weather today was terrible, the wind and rain woke me up last night.  I would have stayed indoors but had to post a letter.  I also managed to sort out some paperwork, bills etc, very boring but necessary.   Then I sorted out the kitchen cupboards, so I must have been bored!   It is something I've been meaning to do for ages, everything was in the wrong place, and I knew that there was some out of date stuff.   So my cupboards are clean and only contain food that is edible! 

I must be in declutter mode as the tidying up continued at the craft desk.   Well it had got beyond a joke, too much stuff had piled up everywhere and I couldn't find anything.   I used the opportunity to rearrange things as well.   It always feels nice when you have a tidy workspace, not that it lasts for long.  I keep promising myself to tidy up after each session - fat chance of that happening.   The silk painting has me intrigued,  was watching some videos on Youtube and found it fascinating the effects you could get.   Oh I made more progress on the mandala,  most of which will have to be undone, not sure what has happened to the paints.  None of the bottles were sealed, and some seemed to be missing paint.  I'm not that happy with the cheaper paints either.  So I will have to go visit the art shop in town and get some decent supplies.

Well all for now.

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