Saturday, 15 February 2014

New stash

Woke up this morning feeling rotten, my mood matched the weather - yes it was windy, raining and cold.   I didn't feel like doing anything,  but I had to go out to get my prescription, and some cow juice (milk)... so to sweeten the pill I decided to pop up to the craft shop.   And I am so glad I did,  they had a Spectrum noir workshop on, and as well as lovely offers on the pens,  it was two for one deals on the Sheena stuff!   So I got three sets of Sheena's stamps, plus some cogs and rulers.

I fell in love with this set of stamps.  I almost missed the display as it was blocked by the workshop,  fortunately I managed to catch sight of it.  I just love this set, so useful for accents, backgrounds, plus two sentiments, what more could I ask for.  I was seriously tempted by the embossing folders, but having already resisted buying a Kindle Fire tablet, I could hardly justify spending too much on craft stuff, well I could... but, car insurance is due next month, need I say more?  

I spotted the cogs and rulers, and they sort of fell into my basket,  as did some very cheerfully coloured buttons which are flower shaped.   They are for my upcoming project, which is going to be Journal 52,  in which you keep an art journal of 2014.  I had been thinking of it since January,  but had no inclination, then I saw a plain brown folder in Tesco, going cheap,  it will be great to decorate.

And these are the two smaller sets of stamps, so I 'bought' these, and got the big set 'free'.   Again they will be great for accents, picture making and backgrounds.  You can always tell when stamps have been designed by a crafter, cos they are always so versatile.  I've also got ten pound to spend now in the craft shop!   I think I am making up for lost time,  had to really watch the pennies last year,  now things are much easier financially.  I'm not going too mad,  I do have my priorities in order,  all bills are paid first before any treats.

I also picked up some wonderweb,  my hands were so sore after yesterday's sewing marathon that I knew I wouldn't have been able to sew on the hook and latch fastening.  In fact I did give it a go and couldn't even push the needle through.  That got me down, it was something that I would have been able to do a few years ago, now it is impossible.   My back is also in a dodgy state,  yesterday I thought it was going to go into spasm.

I also suffered a bit of road rage today,  just couldn't help it.  The idiot in front of me was crawling along, I was doing 20 mph which meant he/she was doing around 15 mph, and there was no need for such a snails pace.  Then it got worse when he turned on to the main road which had speed humps, now if you line up your car you can avoid the bumps,  but this clown slowed right down as he/she approached them!   That was it, I lost my rag,  not sure if he/she saw me yelling in my car, but they pulled over and let the, now, huge line of traffic pass them.   No I am not sympathetic, if you have no confidence behind the wheel then don't drive.   That was the decision my aunt made, she was no longer happy with driving and so stopped. A very sensible decision.   At the other end of the scale I also witnessed an idiot overtaking dangerously just to gain a few extra yards.   I still think that the driver training I had in the army was the best,   we learned to pass the test, then we learned how to drive on all manner of roads,  including the motorway.  We also had to know how to check the oil, water etc, change a tyre and maintain a vehicle.  To me all that is essential if you want to drive a car.  Moan over.   Well another moan at Sky's over the top coverage of the floods,  plus the idiots who were out very late at night to watch the storm surge, not a very bright thing to do.  I live less than half a mile from the Irish sea, would you catch me on the sea wall in the middle of a storm, no you bloody well wouldn't. 

So the plan for tomorrow is to decorate my folder for Journal 52 (click on the link to find out more). I have printed out the instructions for the weeks I've missed, and I have some catching up to do!   I've already tested all my Sheena stamps, which is what you should do with new stamps, it sort of breaks them in.  These weren't mounted so you need to also invest in U mount, I know Sheena uses the rockablocks so U mount isn't necessary. I did try them but coudn't get on with them, in fact I was relieved when I saw Dawn Bibby make a mess of using them,  she never makes mistakes with the ordinary blocks!   I hope to incorporate the new stash on the cover of my folder, and some of those lovely papers I was given.  So it will be a nice crafty day.

Stay safe, dry and warm...

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