Saturday, 22 February 2014

A little treat for me.

It's been a funny old week, it got off to a bad start, began to improve on Wedneday, was a bit dodgy on Thursday and on Friday, well I began to wonder if I was meant to buy a tablet! 

I went to PC world as they had the best offer on the Kindle Fire I wanted. First I couldn't find a sales assistant,  they all appeared to have vanished, I had to go off in search of one. The lady then looked to see if they had any in stock and they didn't.   So I looked at Tesco, didn't want to have to order it from the Internet,  so was going to go for the click and collect - and they didn't have the model I wanted on offer :-(   So I decided to just wait and see if PC World got any more in stock.   Today my Argos card arrived,  hmmmm,  so looked again at Argos, and they had some new offers on the Kindle machines.   They had the 16G, Kindle Fire, with the mayday button, wifi and camera for £169, could I resist - no.  Along with my Argost card they'd also given me some vouchers, so that was another ten quid off the Kindle!  Mind made up,  I reserved it and went to get it.

Nope I don't NEED a tablet, but last year before mum died she said to enjoy the little money she woud be able to leave us.  Not that any of us cared, in fact we kept on telling her to spend it all.  I didn't have the chance to do as she wished,  I had to be careful with my money because of the long drawn out PIP claim,  but I had kept a little aside just in case.   I'm not interested in fancy phones,  or the next generation Ipod,  for me it is computers which tempt me.   So I spent the afternoon setting up my various accounts, so now I can access my email, FB page, blog etc all from my tablet.   It will take a little bit of getting used to.   I also picked up a few glass paints,  and some shambala beads, got some lovely amethysts, and purple cord that will set them off nicely.

So no crafting today,  but lots to look forward tomorrow, in fact I'll be spoilt for choice between glass painting or stamping, or mabye both. 

All for now.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Cass, just read your post and that's a very good price you got the Kindle for - I was thinking it would be a lot pricier. Look forward to seeing what you create with your glass paints, beads and cord too. Elizabeth xx