Friday, 7 February 2014

Gelli plate fun

One of my favourite blogs is from Barbara Gray, of Clarity Stamp fame.   And it was on her blog that I saw this project using the gelli plate and the magpie stencils.  I wasn't convinced that it would work,  everyone tells you not to let the paint dry on the gelli plate and this is what you had to do for this project, but as you can see it did work.  If you click on Barbara's name (above) it will take you to the project and all the instructions. 

Thrilled with my success I decided to do another print.

This time I started with a yellow,  and took the first print.  Next I added brown and placed some punchenella and a clock stencil, this I left to dry. Then I put a thin layer of yellow on top and pulled the final print!   Next I added one of the magpies using the stencil,  first I used the innie and dabbed some versamark through, then used white embossing powder.  After that I used the outie and the black soot, then gave the whole thing a wipe when it was dry to reveal the white.

And it looks like this.  I grunged the edges a bit, the I matted and layered it onto some white, then orange card.  The sentiment is a new stamp but I do love the verse. 

Yesterday I was at art therapy and managed to start the silk painting.  No photo sadly as it is still a work in progress,  and I am not totally happy with it.  I tried the salt technique, but it didn't bleach the material as I hoped it would.  There I go again, being a perfectionist!  I just want to feel happy with it, and right now I don't. I plan to go to a craft shop tomorrow which I think has silk paints, and also material, so I can try it again.

The art therapy session yesterday was nice, the mood was much lighter,  I think everyone is now more relaxed and at ease with each other.   I had a long natter to Vicky, she was finishing off her glass painting.  Sadly her cat has gone missing, she was telling me about a rescue centre she'd been to, so I may go there myself and get a furry friend.  I had a look at their web site and there was a cat very like my old moggy,  made me feel a bit sad, and at the same time how much I miss the patter of four feet.  I'd also have someone to talk to, what do you mean cats don't talk, of course they do!   LOL

Last pic is my finished magpie piece,  I used (as suggested by Ms Gray) to use the backing sheet that comes with the stencils.  I also read her blog today and Clarity are going to sell folders to hold the stamps, and stuff for the stencils.  I think my final treat will be joining the Clarity club.  Though I really do need a pair of shoes... 

Stay safe this weekend, there is another huge storm on its way. 

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