Wednesday, 26 February 2014


How about this for a whacky page?   It is based on something I did at yesterday's workshop.  The tutors supplied the materials, paper, glue, glitter etc,  plus lots of magazine cut outs and words.  I spotted the picture of the woman and I just wanted to use her,  she's meant to represent me only I haven't got blonde hair.  I was going to just add to the one I started but then I found 'her' again in a magazine, so thought I'd start afresh and use my own stuff.

I found a few suitable 'words' but I do intend to add more.  Think I'll have to find someone with a lot of magazines, I never bother buying any, well except for craft mags.

I've selected another two photos from yesterday's exhibition.  I was very taken with this piece of pottery,  I can also tell you what it says: Reiki!    I know that there are a lot of students who have studied, or had reiki. 

Still wondering what they are, will have to ask the tutors as the curiosity is killing me. 

I will also have to redo my swap piece, rats.  The mail have lost it or won't deliver it. It was flat,  fitted their new requirements so only needed a first class stamp.  Why couldn't they have just left things as they were?  Can't say the mail has improved,  once upon a time we got two deliveries, now we get one and you never know when.  Feel sorry for the posties as well,  now their rounds are much bigger. 

I also spotted this glass painting, such a gentle piece.   Sorry couldn't bend down to take photos as I would never have got back up.

Today was a quiet day, just what I needed,  the last two have been stressful.  Still need to do some catching up with Journal 52,  I've noticed that quite a lot to 'image' transfer, so I looked it up and think I'll have to try it as it sounds like fun.

On Friday I'm going to see some studio space with a friend, not for me, for the friend.  She only has a small flat and hasn't anywhere to do her art.  While I have a spare room that is just a spare room,  keep thinking about turning it into a studio, but it also has to be a spare room.   It seems logical and would give me more space to work.  Maybe if it didn't have a bed in it then they couldn't charge me rent for it? 

All for now...  I see that there is another storm heading our way...   oh well, stay safe and dry.

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