Friday, 14 February 2014

Sewing bee

Today something happened that is a very, very, very rare event - me with a sewing needle and cotton...  I usually stick with wonderweb - geddit?   Oh please yourselves. 

Actually it was a case of needs must, since I had no chance of using the sewing machine yesterday then I had to do the sewing myself.   I didn't make a bad job of it either, the stitching is quite neat.  I did hit a snag however, and I'm not sure if anyone else has reasiled but the covers are too small for the pillows!    We had no part in the measuring,  in fact I'm wondering if the bigger pieces were used by mistake for the pillows?  Are tutors are also working artists,  so they are under pressure to set up the workshops.  I simply tipped out some of the rice and adjusted the pillow, so now it fits.   Just need to attach the velcro, not sure my hands are up to tackling such a tough material so I may get some of the sticky stuff, or put on a few poppers.

Heard some sad news that Ralph Waite,  John Walton of The Waltons died today.  Watching The Waltons is my current guilty pleasure,  I make a cup of coffee and that is me for an hour.   Currently I have no 'must watch' show,  there are a few I try to catch but it is no big deal if I miss them.  I miss stuff like ER, and CSI (original and NY) and going back further there was Hill St Blues, Cagnye & Lacey,  plus St Elsewhere, so far I've found nothing to match them, hope something comes along.

Well all for now...  not sure what will rise up from the craft table tomorrow!   Stay safe

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