Sunday, 16 February 2014

Plain as can be

This is my Journal 52,  well this is how it started out.  This was my bargain of the week, one folder for 70p and best of all it was plain, exactly what I wanted. 

So here are the materials:  Gesso,  modelling past,  masks,  dylusions (green and blue), bubble wrap,and Craft Artist.

First task was to paint the whole folder with gesso, so as to give me a 'key',  in order to then apply inks or paints.  I gave it two coats,  then while it was drying I moved over to Craft Artist to make my 'title', in a minute I will invite you to 'spot the mistake'.   Then it was back to the folder.  I used the clock face mask and applied the modelling paste,  I used Galeria modelling past, comes in a good sized tub and is nice and thick, it also dries pretty quickly.

Now spot the mistake - yep, I got one of the numbers wrong, it should of course be 52 and not 92!  No worries, it is easily corrected, just have to do a second print.

But I'm really liking my background,  I covered some bubble wrap with the dylusions and dabbed it all over the front.    I also gave two of the cogs a coat of gesso, and added more modelling paste but using the honeycomb stencil in opposite corners.  So lots still to do, including of course playing catch up.

The weather was the total opposite of yesterday,  blue sky, sunshine?  I could hardly believe my eyes,  the thermometer in the living room read 24C,  nope I didn't have any heating on, didn't need to.    Outside it was rather chilly in spite of the sun.   I checked all my pots to see how the plants were doing, all seem okay,  the crocuses are now popping up.  I've got some in the flat,  mum liked crocuses,  and I hope they'll be all in bloom in time for the first anniversary,  then I'll replant them outside for next year. 

Well all for now... stay safe

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