Sunday, 9 February 2014

An orderly day

I didn't think this card would be finished, in fact it came very close to being ripped up and placed in the bin!    It just didn't go right yesterday,  I liked certain elements but hated others.  Then stuff went wrong...   I stopped and decided to come back to it today.    What did I like, well the gilding flakes, liked the shape of the topper, didn't like the original embossing, or the other embellishments. 

The radiant rains were still on the desk, so I decided to use them and cut a new topper, painted it turquoise.   I used my new trifold embossing folder that has the music score on it.   I stamped it using my random stamp,  with versamark, then some white embossing powder,  ended up with a lovely distressed effect - must do that again!    Then had to choose the decoration,  a butterfly won the day, used some glittery numbers, and some letters,  a spot of rub and buff completed the look. Phew.

I am out of practice at making cards,  these days I tend to make pictures, or tags, boxes in fact anything but cards.    But when you belong to an online craft group then you have to make birthday cards for the other members, though at Christmas I did send them 'bought' cards!   Shock, horror - well I couldn't face making any Xmas cards. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent sorting out bills, well more of what to keep and what to shred.  The letter rack was at bursting point, I'd kept putting it off and couldn't any longer.  Besides had to fill in a form, and that meant going through the file to find out info.   So the letter rack is now empty,  which is a relief, bills are sorted, all have been paid (another relief) and form filled and put in envelope to post.  The file is now all in order, bank statments are in folder.   Just have to have a session with the shredder.   

I tried the new glass paints,  they are lovely, gorgeous and give the look of stained glass, so I guess I'll be going back for more.   Sadly the orange I got won't match the orange on the mandala!  Rats, so will have to use the rubbish to keep a uniform look.   I was thinking that our tutors should do a bit more research on the projects they give us,   they got some really nice glass paints to begin with, but soon ran out,  and they weren't sure how to apply them.  Similar situation with the silk painting.   I found loads out on Youtube, so surely they could do the same, better prep is needed methinks.  They are so nice, very helpful and easy to talk to, they take a real interest in all of us.  Yet we are there to create things and everyone should be able to acheive a certain standard.   I know I can be picky about my stuff,  but I want my work to be the best it can be.   I know that the tutors are often out of their own comfort zone,  not using their specialist skills,  but just a bit of research would help them and us. Some things are beyond their control, like folk turning up for the class,  most of us are religious about it,  others are more casual, which sort of annoys me.  I see it as being given an opportunity and so I don't want to waste it.   I missed one class, but that was because I was at the end of my tether regarding the PIP claim.  A few people have been given second chances,  I know all about anxiety and how you need to be 'ready' to take on new things, perhaps there is a flaw in the system, maybe some counselling is also needed to accompany the course?   I know they are always tweaking the programme.   Having said all that it does what it says on the tin, and they've had a lot of success, I know because I have met old students on the outings.

Not sure what is on the agenda tomorrow, tend not to make plans these days as that causes anxiety.  I need to get more orange glass paint from local craft shop, which is an easy task or would be except that they are working on the road leading to it!   Why oh why do they keep closing roads?    Why can't these blessed utility companies coordinate the repairs!   I've lost count of the road repairs going on round here, and all at the worst time of year. 

Anyway my paperwork is in order, I'm up to date on all bills,  kitchen cupboards are gleaming...   craft desk is also in order, well as much as it ever is.   Was watching Hels today on CnC,  she is so creative,  then again she gets all the goodies to play with,  while us lot have to pick and choose what we can afford.  The Tattered Lace wasn't inspiring me,  it is getting a bit too frilly for me, they are fantastic dies,  nothing sticks in them, they cut first time, just not inspired by all the frilly stuff they have on offer. 

Well best stop waffling...  thanks for stopping by

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