Friday, 3 October 2008

A remote problem!

TV began playing up yesterday, wasn't switching on from remote control. Well with ours, you have to switch it on then 'turn' it on from remote, only ours wasn't wanting to know. Thought it was batteries in remote, so changed them, then this morning TV refused to switch on. I know this is hardly a crisis for ordinary folk, in fact I had an aunt who flatly refused to have a TV with a remote, as getting up to switch channels was part of her exercise. However, our household has two crocks, one on crutches and knee brace, arm in plaster, other using various walking aids to get around... so a remote is a must. But TV had 5 year guarantee, so we did the obvious, rang them and got the most absurd advice, was told cos TV was cold from being switched off that was why it was playing up, so we should leave it on standby... er, not what the fire service recommends. It was a load of twaddle, then guy says that unless TV had recognisable fault, what ever that is, we'd be charged. So one hour later I'm on tinternet looking for TV's! So new TV is on its way. But it means one less remote, so less confusion for mum.

So that got done. I went out for a breath of very fresh air, sunny but very cold and windy. Fearing for my pansies, wondering how much longer they'll last with this weather. Then home for some crafting. I'm managing 2 and a bit cards per afternoon, two get made, the 'bit' part is cutting out stuff for next day. Been making a few adjustments to TSV cards, I'm backing some stuff onto card to give it more substance, plan to add some glitter at some point to some of them, when I have two hands. Really liked this one (see pic above), tho it is the wrong way round, sorry! It was just a bit different being monochrome with the splash of red, did mat and layer the gift card and red stripe to give extra body.

Hoping to get my foiled mirri card soon, then I can be a bit more imaginative, better still when i get rid of this cast! Feel like plunging into water, see if they then remove it... I should be so lucky, they'd probably replace it.

Try to have a nice weekend, weather forecast is awful. Keep crafting.

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Cazzy said...

Love the card Cass, hope the TV arrived!

Cazzy x