Saturday, 30 August 2008

every silver lining has a cloud

Woke up this morning and felt much better, even had a mini lie in. My big mistake was heading outdoors, first bit of food shopping went fine, but had too much to carry, so took stuff to car and went back for extra bits... and that was the mistake. Got stuff, headed back to car and, well you know when you're about to fall... and so I went - a proper prat fall, landed on chin, hurt left wrist, and right knee - which started swelling immediately, Staff looked after me very well, tho they wanted me to go to hospital, I refused, wel on going rightaway, called mum, she called neighbours, who met me on return home, still not sure how I drove back... then after a cuppa went to health centre, who patched me up, but also want me to go for x-rays... which I'll do tomorrow. Now typing one handed, worried i may has have broken wrist, it did take all the weight. or it is abad sprain that just needs some support. Have worked out how to scoot round on computer chair!

Just feel very sorry for myself... but mum now\has me to take her mind off her own troubles. What would we do without neighbours?

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Cazzy said...

Flippin heck woman, you don't want to be doing that!

I know the feeling having had a few falls myself in the past couple of years, I hope all is well with your wrist, and the rest of you!

Cazzy xx