Thursday, 29 March 2012

At last some 'me' time!

Well that was after I'd been to the dentist,  then got the shopping...  and found myself inadvertently in a queue for petrol!   I could not believe it,  turned onto College Road,  and !?****!!   Maybe if this damn government could take some lessons in effective communication it would help!  There is no need for panic buying,  the tanker drivers are NOT on strike. 

After a calming cuppa it was time to set up the craft stuff.   I made a start on the exploding box,  cut out all the layers,  had a good root around the various stash boxes for bits and bobs, I think my Slice machine can provide the rest,  just need a few photos.    Then I turned my attention to my new stamps. I set up the encaustic stuff,  and for once I managed to remember to take a picture of how it all starts.  The stamp is just beautiful,  a lovely crisp image,  very detailed.  So from that to...

This.  I was doubly chuffed because as the stamp is quite large I had to use an A5 piece of card,  which of course meant working with a bigger amount of wax.   She only just fitted onto my large block.   Then I just worked with the wax till I got a nice effect,  it was hard to know when to stop!    I think the stamp would also lend itself to a shadow technique.   I am also wondering if it will work if I emboss the image,  it should do.  The iron isn't hot enough to melt the embossing powder.  Something to try over the weekend I think. 

This is my craft space!  Or my bed cum craft space,  stash, as you can see, is carefully arranged on bed,  everything to hand - NOT!  It isn't usually as bad as this, if I am going to use the stash then it is a bit more ordered, or at least that is how it starts out,  then it ends up looking like this,  no wonder I can never find anything.  In the background is my collection of Angels and Buddhas.  The stash itself is organised in the boxes,  so the paper is in one, mirri card in another, ink pads neatly stacked, and stamps also now all in one place.   I've not included what is also on the floor, my toolbox,  paper trimmer amongst other things.  But hey it works for me.   I do try to be organised but it never lasts very long,  say five minutes?   I'm not even sure having a dedicated craft room would make much difference,  it would be just as chaotic. 

And it is Easter next week!  How'd that happen?   Best get some Easter Eggs I suppose - unless they are also subject to panic buying?  

Thanks for stopping by, and for the comments they are very much appreciated.


CraftygasheadZo said...

Gorgeous picture, love that stamp with the pink. zo xx

Cazzy said...

Hi Cass, gorgeous card, lovely stamp. I really must get my encaustic art kit out, bought it years ago and not tried it yet! Now I am home all the time I have the time, but have been trying to sort stuff out and sell some of it!

Cazzy x

Cazzy said...

Flipping verification, when I got the words wrong it wiped out my comments saying lovely card,lovely stamp and that I must try my encaustic art kit, had it years, if this wipes out I give up!

Cazzy x