Thursday, 3 May 2012

Itsy bitsy spider

 A nice normal day,  a good nights sleep,  woke at civilised hour,  no rain clouds,   in fact the sun was starting to break through the clouds.   Only had a few chores for the morning,  spot of food shopping,  then coffee with a friend and a natter of course,  after that the day was mine!  

I'd showed someone the tags and they liked the friend's quote/butterfly tag the most. So decided to make a few in different colours,  they can be sold for charity.   So the picture shows the start,  I chose the blue butterfly,  and the barbed wire embossing folder, plus two blue flowers, and blue card.   I didn't want two blue flowers,  so I used the TH inks to recolour them, and some cut and dry.   I'm abandoning the blender tools,  the cut and dry is proving more economical.  I embossed the blue card, well debossed it. 

So then it was a case of putting it all together.   I've altered the size of the tag, was getting fed up of the odd numbers (in inches), so mine now measure 8cm by 15cm.  Of course as far as I am concerned the tags can be any size,   but who needs fiddly sizes?  Life is too short.  The butterfly toppers are lovely,  I may add some glossy accents tomorrow, once the pinflair has dried properly. 

I also enjoyed an inadvertent comedy show this morning.  As I got into my car I noticed a spider making his web from wing mirror to window on the car,  I thought me opening the door would make him head back inside the wing mirror, but he was preoccupied with his web.  So off I went,  just tootled up to the traffic lights,  with spider now bouncing around his web.  I stopped at the lights thinking that surely the spider would now head for safety, nope, he wasn't giving up on his web building. So onto dual carriage way,  40mph and spider now clinging on for dear life to web!   Luckily for the spider I wasn't going very far,  just a couple of miles,   by time I had to to the car park I had one very dizzy and groggy spider staggering down what was left of his web into his home, inside my wing mirror!   Best comedy show I've seen in a while. 

I also succumbed to the 4 day deal on CnC,  been looking at the Kanban kit all week, wondering if I would use it all,  and then decided that I would.    I'd only caught bits of the shows,  but today I watched the presentation, so many nice things in the kit.  Seemed daft to resist any longer. 

No crafting now till Saturday.   Thanks for stopping by

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