Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ouch... everything aches!

I kept my promise and tidied up what passes for our garden. Lots of cutting off of dead stuff,  gave the mini bushes a trim,  and put in new compost in most of the tubs.   Will have to get more compost,  and 3 new plants, plus bedding plants.  Trimmed all the dead stuff off the clematis,  and sprayed the roses,  already something has been munching on them!   Then I swept up all the rubbish,  so it is now respectable, till some litter lout goes past and dumps whatever.   I don't understand this love of littering,  no-one seems to think it wrong to drop litter!   If you say anything you either get abuse or get told that someone will sweep it up.  Don't they know how much it costs to keep the streets clean of rubbish that can be responsibly disposed of?   It is my bug bear! 

So after all that back breaking work, it was time for a well earned bacon butty, and painkillers - LOL. 

Once refreshed it was back to the craft table.    I needed to make a card for a friend, she likes fairies and Angels, so I chose the Debbi Moore garden fairy collection,  and some decoupage, the real thing, that what needs cutting out!   I do like the pop out stuff, but decoupage is really about cutting,  which I don't mind.  It also helps to have some very sharp scissors,  I have a pair of tweezer scissors which are great for decoupage.   This card didn't take long,  once it was printed and cut, I used my quickie glue pen to add glitter to her wings,  and bangles,  added some glossy accents as well.  I scored a piece of A4 card in half,  then used this lovely dark teal card for the matt,  I was going to use some silver mirri, then remembered I had some nice blue glitter that would match the fairy.  I ripped the blue card,  offset it away from the edge,  and then layered up the decoupage with pinflair.   Just needs the Happy Birthday, and the insert and maybe a ribbon, not sure.

I also decided to make my friend a tag,  turquoise is her favourite colour,  this is the nearest I got.  I used the embossing folder,  and added some bakers twine,  a freebie with a magazine.  I'd been thinking of getting the twine but wasn't sure if it was worth the money,  I've now decided it is.  I went with the butterflys, these are Anita's,  added a few gems to the larger butterfly,  had to use pinflair to stick him down over the twine,  a couple of flowers, and some ribbon, part of the freebie, and that was that, plus the friendship quote.   They'll all be tucked into an envelope tomorrow for posting.

I was going to start a page for my AJ book, I had half and idea,  but in spite of Barbara Gray warning about scorching the card when heat embossing, guess who scorched her card?  Yep, not done that in a while,  I'd been heating it from underneath, then just gave it a blast from on top,  but must have got too close.  So I'll have to start again. 

I did catch some of Barbara's show today,  wanted to watch but knew if I did I'd only want to buy all the stamps - and I did, want to buy them that is,  but I didn't actually buy any.   I wish she had made the London Set the next stamp lesson,  cos that would have been my excuse to buy it!   The sports set is clever, but not up my street.    I still learned a few new tricks from her,  she is such a good teacher, and likes to take the mickey out of herself.   I also learned that the lovely Rosemary Merry is back on CnC next Sunday,  hooray!   Now if CnC could see fit to give Rosemary her own scrapbooking lesson on a Sunday, that would make my perfect weekend.

Bank holiday tomorrow,  so another craft day.   I have found a card that my niece will like, but I am so loathed to part with it!   I can see me putting this card into a frame,  made it ages ago,  used the Wild clarity stamp,  a metal butterfly,  did a lot of ripping and tearing,   just love the end result, but can I bear to be parted with it?   I'll have to tell my niece that she has to promise to frame it! 

Hope you've all had a relaxing weekend.   Take care all

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