Thursday, 10 May 2012

Goodies are here

Yay!!!   At last my Kanban kit arrived,  nice postie even brought it up the stairs for me.   Couldn't wait to play with it, but first had to get usual chores out of the way,  and a bit concerned about mum, her usual hairdresser (who comes to the flat) hasn't been able to come for the last 3 weeks as he's had some family problems,  so mum hasn't bothered to have her hair washed etc,  even though she knows she can go to my hairdresser (who used to be her  hairdresser).   I'll have to say something tomorrow as her hair now looks a real mess.   Never rains but it pours!

So out came the kit,  it is every bit as lovely as it was on screen.  I needed a card for my cousin, so ideal opportunity to test drive the kit.    I went with a Keep Calm slogan, with the teapot, cut and cup cakes, there is some lovely gingham card in the kit,  which I thought would look like a table cloth, and I found some sticky lace.

So made the base with plain white card, super smooth and from Annemarie designs! Stuck on some of the gingham card, and added the lace down either side.   I've had this lace for years, another QVC purchase many moons ago. 

So next up was arranging all the bits and bobs.   I used pinflair glue, didn't want the teapot entirely flat on the card, but not too high either, I added one of the tiny tags using some twine,  the cup cakes and the cup,  and a card was born! 

I then had to make 5 ATC's for a swap next month, so cut them out,  and have started to work on a layout.   I also decided to make an envelope for the ATC cards,  I have got a template somewhere as I bought Leonie's ATC kit,  but who knows where that is now lurking.  So I made my own, so now I just need to put the ATC's together,  when I've settled on a design.  Sometimes it doesn't pay to have TOO much choice! 

And my wing mirror spider has returned, he was sitting in the middle of his web yesterday,  I banged the window,  shook the door but he would't budge, chose to remain in middle of web, obviously he has memory problems and must have forgotten his journey last week... so it was a repeat performance,  web bouncing round in wind,  spider hanging on for grim death trying to get to safety,   a very groggy spider finally made it by time I parked up in car park!   He tucked himself away and I advised him to stay there.  But did he, did he heck.  Came out of supermarket and spider was back in middle of web - must have a masochistic streak!   So yep, he was bounced along on his web on return journey! 

Well all for now, will post pics of quirky pirate card tomorrow.

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