Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Now stiff as a board from a day of decorating.  Call it a very large craft project!   Our living room was in dire need of redecoration,   every time I mentioned it mum pulled a face,  finally she agreed that it had to be done.  Yesterday I got the paint and stuff,  new roller,  paintbrush,  and today was THE day.    I do wonder if that show really does decorate all those rooms in 60 minutes!   I find it hard to believe.  I set the alarm,  had to be an early start, well it was but 5 a.m,  not the time to start slapping paint on walls!  Drifted back to the land of nod and of course managed to sleep in.    Mum also decided to be 'needy',  as she had been yesterday...  first her hairdresser rang to say he couldn't come, he is a bit of a hypochondriac...  so now have an angry mum,  panicking about her hair,  more problem solving!  Solve that problem,  next one is the shower, she suddenly needs help, then it is something else... in meantime I am trying to clear the living room so I can start the painting. 

Yesterday a post on my FB page flashed up,  it was from the Carers, and it was carers just sounding off.  It was nice to know that others felt like I did,  put upon and uncared for.  And then you get back to it cos there isn't anyone else, certainly not the family that promised faithfully to support you!  

I finally packed mum off to my hairdresser,  then she was off to lunch with some friends - at last I could get started.    One large roller,  large tin of paint and keep roller well loaded,  soon the ceiling was white again!   Next up the walls,  painting onto an anaglypta,  so had to use brush,  again fully loaded brush,  Dulux One Coat,  it had better do what it says on the tin or...    it did!  Phew.   Brief stop for lunch,  keep going,   manage to get 3 quarters of the room done,  and also hoovered...  now I am knackered,  can't move,  metal knee is nicely swollen and VERY sore.  It would be lovely to have someone make me a nice cup of tea, but there is only me!     Was also ravenous,  and sod cooking,  ready meal went into microwave, pasta, a good filler up.   Living room is looking pretty good, still got stuff to do,  but broken the back of it.  A couple of weeks and it will be the hall, then my bedroom and then mum's room.   Also have to find time to put in bedding plants,  and sort out cloak room,  no idea what could be lurking in there!  

On the crafty side I found a load of rubber stamps that I had stored away,  mmmm....  feel a stamping spree coming on. 

Now think it is time for some supper...   don't normally indulge,  but tummy is still rumbling.

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