Friday, 11 May 2012

Ooooh arrrr me hearties!

The swap challenge for May was Pirates - cue blank brain!  Not any sign of pirate stuff in stash...   only one thing to do - be quirky.   I did have the idea of a sinking ship,  just the masts poking out of the waves,  but from nowhere the eye patch idea came along.  I'd like to thank all the lovely people who post free templates on their blogs,  cos without you I'd be lost.  Found the template,  some black card, voila - eye path,  wavy ruler, some distress card and we have sea,  skull and bones,  bit of lettering and we're done! 

Today was my day for giving reiki,  only once again the clients were a no show,  it is happening to all the therapists and our manager isn't happy.  The centre do ring the client to remind them,  and do ask that if they can't make it for whatever reason they let us know.   I understand that carer's can never plan too far ahead, but it isn't asking much for a quick phone call,  all of us therapists are volunteers,  and also in my case, a carer.  I had taken my course work with me, so managed to get plenty of reading done, and had a lovely meditation.  But I was also thinking that I could be sat at home crafting with my new kit.   I also got the boring shopping out of the way, so tomorrow will be a free day,  may even pop up to the craft shop, feel the need for a new embossing folder,   and whatever else falls into my basket.   

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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