Thursday, 17 May 2012

A waxing time

A rest from the decorating after a very good nights sleep, slept like the proverbial log!   The first task of the day was to make myself look human again,  my hair was an absolute mess and thought it might be a good idea to defuzz the legs.  Mum assumed I'd finish the decorating, but my knee was just too sore for any more standing.

Wanted to go back to the encaustic art as we have an MBS fair next week and I'm launching our new product - encaustic art.  Think it is safe to say I am getting the hang of things,  mostly it is the pressure you need to apply the wax, the temptation is to press hard, when in fact you only just need to make contact with the paper.  The one thing I was still having problems with was the landscape,  so took myself over to the encaustic art    website to review the videos and instructions and realised what I'd been doing wrong - dragging the iron when I should have been pushing it across the page from right to left - doh! 

 So I was happy with the above result.  Next challenge was to paint a sky!  I'm okay doing this with a brayer,  didn't have the same confidence doing it with wax and a iron.  But yep it worked!  Chuffed, got the mix right, white, bit of pink and some light blue,  then kind of a smear across top of paper,  and then put the landscape in after. 

I'd also paid close attention on Saturday's CnC encaustic slot,  watched carefully how the chap loaded the stylus,  which made me realise that I'd been doing it wrong.  So that is the task over the weekend,  stylus work. 

I also did some abstract work, just using one colour, these are fun to do as you really get to mess with the iron to form the patterns.  Trust me there are never two pictures alike!   This one was black on white,   a whole iron full of black wax,  magical to work with,  a pain to clean off the iron!  Will have to remember that for next week.

It was a nice way to unwind after all the decorating.   And I have an art workshop to look forward to this weekend.  

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Julia S-W said...

Hi, only me trying to catch up. Wow!! Your encaustic work is amazing - I always loved the drama and colours it creates but now you have landscapes with plants and even a painted sky - fantastic! I would love to see you doing this as I haven't got a clue how it works or what you use. Better sneak over to You Tube and see if there's anything on there.