Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

And it is raining!   Typical Bank Holiday.   Another lazyish day for me,  had a bit of a toss/turn night, no idea why,  then at 4 a.m., I finally went back to sleep.    I woke again at 8.30,  was so snug but also wanted a cup of tea,  no chance of anyone bringing one to me - now that would be bliss, so I had to go make it.  Mum stayed in bed,   I took her a cuppa,  a devilish plan on my part,  cos if I took her a cuppa she may stay in bed and I could get stuff done!   It worked...    Still aching from yesterday, but gave the body some exercise,  I am so unfit!  Need to get this bod in some sort of shape, or at least have things back in the right places.   Everything is a tad saggy at the moment. 

I was crafting today, but can't post pics as someone may then seen what I've made.    I made the swap card, theme this month is Pirates,   but the theme can be stretched...   I chose a quirky interpretation.   I had two ideas, first plan was too complex,   so went with the second idea - and yep it worked!   Was a bit chuffed with end result.   But you'll have to wait to see it,  it will be in the post tomorrow. So be patient BJ!

I've posted a pic of the Sea Odyssey,  which was in Liverpool in April,  an event I wanted to see having missed the last one,  sadly missed this one as it clashed with the wedding.  Those I've spoken to who were there have said how amazing it was, especially the dog,  the puppeteers worked hard to get the expressions just right, plus they let children ride on its back.   But as someone remarked, there wasn't much about it in the national press,  yet over half a million came to see it!  Had that happened in London we'd have known all about it.    The theatre group that does these amazing shows love Liverpool and they've said they will be back, so 3rd time lucky?   I hope so.

No crafting tomorrow, got course work to catch up with! 

BBFN folks

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BJ said...

Well I saw it on The One Show - they gave it lots of press there. BJ - looking forward to card.