Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Yes, yes, yes...    living room is almost done!  The worst bits have been completed,  ceiling and walls.

I thought after yesterday's efforts that I'd get a good nights slumber.  Wrong,  it was a toss/turn night.  Of course you always fall asleep when it is nearly time to get up!    

I had to first clear out the unit,  mum's prized piece of furniture,  top is a cupboard with glass in the doors, lower bit has drawer and another large cupboard.  Of course it has become a dumping ground.  So cleared out the rubbish,  safely transferred mum's ornaments to kitchen,  shifted unit out of the way and finally started painting!  Why does the very last bit always take so long?     I know why I'd left that bit as it is what I refer to as the awkward corner,  horrible to wall paper and just as horrible to paint!    I just feel I am the 'wrong way round' for the painting.   But it got done - yee ha...  a nice looking living room.   Then mum admitted she'd not realised just how bad it was, which is what she said when I spruced up the kitchen.   Just the hall and two bedrooms to go! 

I half tackled the cloakroom, had to venture in there to find some different curtains,  so a few things got sorted,   a start has been made!   Mum approved of the curtains that had once hung in the living room but had been banished for some reason,   I like them as they give a nice splash of colour.  All that is left to do is the radiator and the doors, just two doors to tackle!   Mum even demanded that we get a new lamp shade!    I do know why mum has adopted a 'disinterest' in her home, it is because she feels she is no longer in control of it.    Nothing is done here without her approval,  we did discuss the colour scheme,  though she is happy to trust me.   But at the same time I want to give us both a nice place to live and enjoy.  

Posted a pic of my 'altar' such as it is.  It shows my growing collection of buddhas,  my Native American talking stick and my lovely wooden Angel,  not shown is my Celtic cross, which I got when I was in Ireland,  it is made from peat and is lovely.   All of my crystals are shown,  each has a purpose,  and all get used.    The cloth underneath is actually a scarf, got that from the RainForest shop in Chester, they do sell some gorgeous things in there.   Ooh that reminds me I had promised to go get a new cloth for our MBS tables!  Must do that asap! 

May get some crafting done tomorrow.  Had my delivery of my coated card stock!  Very fast,  only had the email yesterday - well done CnC!   Got to get practising with the encaustic art. 

I do hope that tonight  I will get a good nights sleep.   

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Julia S-W said...

So glad your decorating was coming on when this was written - it must be very hard doing it with everything that goes on in your life. I'm sure you are making your Mum feel very special by including her in the decision making and by providing her with a spruced up new home. We all feel better when there is calm and serenity around us don't we? I know that for me, getting the house done up is a sure fire way to making those wonderful feelings stay for a while. My only problem is that getting to that stage is excruciating - I can't stand the upheaval that goes with decorating and it takes strong determination to get on with it and indeed, get through it!!
No doubt you've more or less finished by now - hope it's having the desired effect - on both of you!