Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's been a bit warm...!

I've been at melting point all week.  Love the blue sky,  love the sunshine... just a little less heat!    I even risked getting out the summer wardrobe, which usually spells the end of any warm weather - but not this time.  Nope it went on and on,  which has been lovely.   Though hot weather is not great for crafting. One feels guilty for being indoors,  and then it becomes too hot to do any crafting. 

I managed this on Sunday,  not that happy with it, but my patience was starting to run out.  And I don't like straight photos!  So why are my photos straight?  Cos I was doing a scrap lift,  but this needs to be done again.  I like the colours and all the bits, just not how I've used them or put them.  I gave up after this and watched the golf.

Monday and Tuesday were devoted to house stuff.  I also went to the centre to get a new assessment,  been putting it off but had to admit that I needed more help.  I'm not ashamed of asking,  it is the bit where I have to tell mum that is fraught with problems!  Walking on eggshells doesn't come into it, it is more akin to a minefield with eggshells.   When I tell mum there will be an explosion,  then after she's had it explained to her and she has calmed down she will see that I am not about to shunt her off to some remote place.  Rather this is about giving her a better quality of life and me.  Already faced one explosion, when I explained that the Occupational therapy lot would be visiting to see if I can get a walk in shower installed.  This is actually something mum has wanted, but when I told her on Monday that I'd got the ball rolling again she said she didn't need a walk in shower... give me strength!   So wish me luck when I approach the subject of respite care and a day centre! 

Today things had cooled down, and I have a friend with a birthday next week.   Took a trip to the craft shop, any old excuse!   But then spotted this gorgeous Indigo Blu stamp,  perfect for what I wanted.   I made the mistake of buying the kling on mount,  rather than U mount,  NEVER again!   It is rubbish.  Anyway I scored a piece of A4 white card,   then stamped the 3 poppies, coloured them with Aqua markers,  embossed a piece of light green card,  stuck it at a jaunty angle,  place 3 poppies on top using pinflair, stamped the sentiment,  used cut and dry to ink the edges, and put a white border down the edge, and two glittery dragon flies  just needs the happy birthday bit now!  Very happy with the colouring, not used the Aqua markers much,  I did add a few gems to the middle of two of the poppies. 

On Friday we have the Olympic torch coming through,  I just think it would have been more meaningful had the runners been passing one torch,  as it is they are pretty much all flogging them off on ebay.  Yesterday I took at look at the torch webcam,  it was in Wales,  aside from those nominated to run with the torch there were also the coporate types, in this case a few Russian business men - what have they got to do with the London Games?    To me the Olympics has got too big, it is almost out of control.  And why oh why is is shipped round the world?   It costs a fortune to stage it, so why not pick one location, get all the Olympic associations to fund it equally, and stop all this nonsense. 

All for now folks...

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