Friday, 25 May 2012

Freaky Friday...

Why is it that when you need to wake up early you wake up extra early?    Or I do!    4 a.m.,  that was my wake up time,  a useless time to wake up,  not near enough to a time you could sensibly get up,  nor enough time to get back to sleep - well not when it is warm and sticky.   My fault, left the duvet on,  it has now been abandoned,  back to a cotton sheet and bed cover.

I had to be up for hospital appointment,  been putting it off for last few months, think I knew what was coming.   After the usual delay,  and xrays,   radiographer was an amusing chappie,  he realised I was an old hand...   Short delay before seeing consultant, he is now a friend!   Well he treated mum for over 3 months in hospital, then he got lumbered with me and my busted knee.   Well xrays weren't pretty,  oh the metal knee looks nice,  knee cap is more like the moon surface, and it now has a hole in it!   So my choice was -more surgery or more surgery!  Great...  I've enjoyed the last 18 months,  it has been very nice NOT seeing the inside of an operating theatre!    So more surgery,  I was not a happy bunny.  I needed air con!  Off to retail park,  got lampshade as requested by mum, then decided to buy her two new tops,  she's been moaning about putting on weight and nothing fitting.  So thought I'd take a chance, figured either she would like the tops or hate them...    Actually she liked them!  Success.  I know she would like to do her own shopping, but she can't get around the shop and I can't push her in a wheelchair.    Then I had a bit of 'feeling sorry for myself',  off for more air con in Tesco.   Only one thing to buy - salad!  And I got some Quorn to go with it,  didn't tell mum, she thought I'd given her some barbecued chicken, she was chuffed when I told her it was Quorn,  which is far less in fat. 

Then it was cheer up me time.   So out came the encaustic stuff.   Wanted something quick to do, was not in the mood to faff with papercraft. It was also chance to get in one more practice before the fair tomorrow.  I used the black card and the white wax to get this fabulous effect.   I really loaded up the iron with the wax,  dragged it over the card then with the iron at an angle I 'drew' the spikes.   Honest folks you can't go wrong with this,  and it is so relaxing.   So hopefully I get lots of people wanting to have a go at the fair.   Yes I know we have nice weather, but it can work in our favour, sometimes folk like to get out of the sun!  This will be our 3rd fair, and we have made a few changes,  so hoping they prove to be right. 

Made the tag on Sunday,  everyone seems to like the sentiment on the tag, so thought I'd try to sell a few at the fair.  

I'm melting now,  need a cool shower I think.   Enjoy this lovely weather and have a fabulous weekend.

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