Sunday, 13 May 2012

Has normal weather service been resumed?

I ask only cos we've had two sunny days in a row!  I foolishly took the word of the weather forecast and didn't put any washing out,  damn it!  Got curtains to wash, today was a perfect drying day!  Mind you I had a lie in,  woke up at 5.30 a.m.,  not that wasn't the lie in - please!    Had my early wake up call, had tea and toast,  then had a very deep meditation and fell into a deep sleep.  Came to at  9.45 a.m.!   Yikes!   So much for my plan of an early morning walk.  Probably just as well as false knee indulged in a nasty sounding clunk yesterday,  no idea what happened but the result was pain!   It soon cleared after some pilates,  my attitude right now is that either it breaks or survives,  my metal knee that is. 

Anyways,  after coming to with another mug of tea and slice of toast I felt human.  Tackled the washing up,  my chance (my only chance) of cleaning our kitchen properly.  Mum's way of being useful is to wash the dishes throughout the day, but because she can't stand up for very long things aren't as clean as they should be.  So that means me going over stuff when she is out.  Then I hit upon the idea of me doing the sunday breakfast wash up,  mum is happy to let me, and that way I can make sure the place is clean.  I do other sneaky stuff on a Tuesday when she is out, like washing all the pots and pans!   

So after brunch the craft stuff came out.  No idea what I wanted to do, had a drift around various blogs,  saw Julia's,  it was the use of leaves....   liked it very much, tried to leave a comment but Blogger chucked a hissy fit!   So to my own crafting,  got out my lovely Owl stamp from Indigo blu, mixed it with another leaf stamp,  did a bit of colouring,  even found the patience to cut out tiny sycamore leaves...  and this, the pic, is the result so far!   I had to let the pinflair dry,  still a tiny bit of work to do on this, but not much. 

There was still some time to craft left.  Felt more of Julia's inspiration, if not her patience!  So cut another tag,  a piece of white blank card,  then chose some off yellow,  I stamped it first with a background stamp,  then used the grunge folder to emboss it, finished it off with the dots. A rummage through the stash revealed some small butterflies,  new flowers I bought yesterday came in handy,   a few suitable brads and a tag was born!   Just love that quote about friendship as it is so true.   I've made a lot of tags with it, so folk can expect it to make a surprise appearance in their mail.

Even better was the footie result, Man City winning the league!   Nice to have a change.   And Everton won, and finished above Liverpool - result for the blue half of the city. 

Tomorrow is going to be boring,  lots of washing to do, and plan for decorating - 3 rooms in all,  maybe the hall as well. Just has to be done.  Crafting?   I hope some will get done.

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend,  many thanks for stopping by.

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