Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lazy day at last!

The day started well as I managed to have a mini lie in.   I'd already decided that today was going to be a lazy day,  not had one in a while.   So after getting the papers I settled down to Barbara Gray's class on CnC,   I can't say her stamp set today caught my imagination, but I do love watching her work.  And she is so tidy!   My craft desk is a mess within minutes.   I am mulling over getting her London set, if there is any left.

So for the afternoon it was time to do some crafting of my own.   Out came the chipboard tags,  printed off some small photos of the wedding.  Assembled the card, other bits and bobs.   I also remembered that I had the Slice Wedding card,  makes a change for me to be this organised.   I embossed some white pearlescent card,
using the folder that came with the machine.  I cut the bird with the heart using the Slice,  and the double heart,  found some deep pink flowers,  they matched the colour of the bridesmaid dresses perfectly.  Found the Love sticker, and managed almost to chop it off!   Let's just say this is the trial run for the wedding tags!   

Decided to matt and layer the photo,  think a darker pink would work better to match the flowers.  Thought about recolouring the white rose,  but it does show up nicely in real life.  Added the Good luck peel off, and that was all I could do. 

Wasn't sure what to do with the back,  decorated it or leave it plain?   I've kind of gone for a compromise.

I covered the back with some paper,  which was from a wedding collection.  Then chose another quote, added one more rose and a mirror finish butterfly.   This is the trial set, for the finished set I'll use the lovely metal butterflies.   I can recreate all the stickers using the clear acetate.

A very satisfying day.   Tomorrow I will be a little more active, got the garden to tidy up and get it ready for the bedding plants, also need a new fuschia,  the other bit the dust during the winter.  Another plant that I thought was as dead as a dodo has come back to life,  need to get rid of the dead stuff on it.   Got some fresh compost, so all the plants can have some new stuff,  I'll give them a nice feed in the next few weeks.   If I can still move after lunch it is back to crafting,   I have two birthday cards to make,  using the Debbi Moore CD to make one,  not sure about the other one yet.  My Kanban kit has been despatched, but doubt I'll see that till Wednesday.     Also got some decorating to plan,  the living room, hall and two bedrooms!   So not much to do.   LOL.

Must go bring the other blog up to date now.   Bye for now.

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