Saturday, 1 March 2014


Yes a blank piece of paper, this was the start of my 'Somewhere a simple place' for Journal 52  which is number 2, so I still have a way to go to catch up.  I knew what I had in mind for this.  The prompt was to think of your favourite place.  I didn't want mine to be an actual place, but more of a nice corner somewhere, maybe a park bench, or standing on the beach. 

I chose a personal place, a comfy seat, preferably in a lovely conservatory, with a book, a cup of tea, an easel or craft table nearby waiting to be used.

So blank piece of paper... what happened next?

A bit of painting,  medium brown, yellow, orange and some gold.  I did some dry brushing as well until I got the effect I wanted.  Then I added some stamping, the pen nibs, which I adore,  just makes a lovely border (Indigo Blu stamp).  It was finished off with a distress stamp and some second generation stamping.

I'd already cut out my pieces/pictures.  I've been raiding the few magazines I have - and even bought one on Thursday!  I also made use of Craft Artist for the title.

And this is it.  My special space, or it would be if I had such a room.   I included the picture of the weaver to symbolize creativity,   the disc is a TH piece and says 'breath' as I often forget to.  The little time piece, well not to bind me to time but to remind me to craft.   The tag just says what it is all about. I may add a few more bits to this, in fact I think I need to as I don't feel it is finished.

Yesterday I visited a place called 'Safe Productions', it is a space for artists to use and is community based.  It has studio spaces available at affordable rents for all us hard up artistic types.  I was there with my friend who hasn't the space to do her artwork in her tiny flat.  Sadly the last space had been taken, but the good news was that they were in the middle of creating more studios.  I was tempted myself,  but I'm not sure the time is right for me to make such a move.  I have a spare room that really I should make my art space.

Today I was really tired, I hardly slept last night. Woke up at 2 a.m.,  tried to just go back to sleep, but in the end I made myself some tea,  got bored watch sky news (goodish cure for insomnia) but it didn't work.  I stayed awake with my tummy rumbling till 4 a.m. then I got up and made breakfast!  Yes a very,  very early breakfast,  but I was hungry and that was what was stopping me from going back to sleep.   I hoped I would manage a lie in, but noooooooooooo,   I woke up at 8, sun streaming in from a chink in the curtains.  In a way it was a good thing to be up early,  I did want to go to the art shop in Southport to get some gel medium,  want to try a print transfer.   I also picked up two gorgeous small frames and little rules, all less than half price.   My mistake then was to watch CnC, spotted the most fabulous gothic miniature cupboard that I HAD TO HAVE.   So no more spending on stash till April.  Though think the cupboard will keep me nice and busy. 

I enjoyed the lovely sunshine today,  can it continue?   Fingers crossed.  Thanks for stopping by.

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