Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A day of colour.

The bookmark is coming on a treat.  Today I experimented with the frantage.  First I dabbed some versamark in the corner,  added some UTEE,  then the frantage and heated from underneath.  I use UTEE so that the frantage will 'hold' and not fly off.  

I want to use the new stamps,  I've used a couple, now think I may add some of the Sheena ones!  The paper has bubbled, that means I can 'distress' it even more. 

My main focus of interest today was the glass painting: Harlequin.  I spent an hour or so last night making a template for it.

It didn't take long to add the lines,  it was the painting that took the longest,  that and working out where the colours would go.  I didn't want too much of a repeat pattern with the colours - they will be distressed once they are fully dry.  I experimented yesterday and found that a wet wipe does the job nicely. 

I just had the butterflies and stars hanging around on my desk and thought - why not?   Though I'm not sure yet, which is why I didn't stick them down,  maybe the butterflies need to be on the colours?   I covered them in embossing powder, they had been on a card so have been 'upcycled'!   I tend not to keep many cards,  some I definitely hang on to,  but I only have a finite amount of space so have to think carefully about what is kept,  but I do always try to upcycle/recycle stuff from cards I've been sent.  Well that way they 'live' on. 

I wasn't feeling very alive this morning.  I had to be up handy as I had to go to the surgery to have my bloods taken.   I set the alarm,  but of course my brain decided to go into anxious mode!  Hence that is why I was wide awake at 3 a.m., and stayed that way until 5.30, then of course I fell into a deep sleep only to be rudely awakened by the alarm.  The next nasty shock was realising that I would need to go to the supermarket - why do you always run out of the staples?   This time it was milk,  oh and eggs... needless to say I was at the supermarket an an early hour.  Though I was puddled as to how they had run out of loose carrots by 10 a.m.?   Blooming big bag of carrots is no use to me.   I do wish my corner shop would sell more veg, but they only have a few spuds.   I also got petrol well I noticed that the price of oil had shot up, nice how these stock market racketeers always manage to cash in on any misery.  It does bug me though how some folk make a meal out of getting petrol,  all that is required is that you pull up at pump, stick nozzle in the filler thingy, fill up and then go pay...   I have a friend who has to use a disposable glove, so it takes her a while to locate the box, put on the glove, then she carefully selects the pump she needs, stares at the pump deciding which button to push, pay in shop or pay at pump...   she fills up car, taps excess petrol into tank...  by which time I am pulling my hair out!   I never use the pay at pump, they are too prone to being tampered with, in fact I try to pay with cash for my petrol.

I can say that my Kindle is useful for my bouts of insomnia,  I can see who else is still up in the early hours, of course most of the activity is from America, but I do have few FB friends who are also tossing and turning. 

Must stop waffling!   Thanks for stopping by.

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