Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Almost there...

At last a picture I'm happy with. Oh the brown cog needs some paint!   Nothing is stuck down as I was making sure that I liked the layout.  I moved up the 'lady', and found the embossed piece of card (it has watches on it), which I covered with alcohol inks.  Still little bits to do, but I am happy at how it has turned out.

May go check out the craft shop! 

Another early start to thed day, although I slept right through till 5.30, which is quite an acheivement.  I did the housework..., not my favourite thing but it needed doing.  Was hoping for a dull day,  well my windows need cleaning and you can't clean windows when it is sunny.    I also got a plant for mum,  didn't want to go to the supermarket but I had to (trying to avoid Mother's Day stuff), saw this really pretty campunella,  and thought well even if Mum isn't here, doesn't mean I can't buy her something.    It has really cheered up the kitchen, and me.    Well I like my fresh flowers, they are my one indulgence,  I'm not great at flower arranging though I try. 

Another pic, the corner of the pic showing modelling paste,  coloured with paint and applied through a fine mesh.   This also shows my paint work.  I randomly applied the paint, some thickly, some thinned,  then did some dry brushing coming in from the edge seemed to work best.   The canvas had been damaged when I took the old picture apart, but it didn't matter as it would be covered up.

Anyone else finding CnC to be very repetitive?  Tattered Lace, Hunky Dory or Crafters companion...  getting sick of them.   I'd like more variety,  more on the melt pot for example, and more altered art.  We're not all card makers.  And I am also rather tired of Tattered lace dies,  not everyone wants things to be frilly or fancy.  They do have some lovely dies,  but enough is enough,  we just need a break. 

I had a surprise parcel yesterday,  I looked at it, and at first thought I'd been sent some unsolicited goods, then I remembered... I'd ordered a doll, don't ask,  I was having a mad moment.  I'd forgotten all about it, she is quite cute, she is a victorian doll and reminded me of one I had as a child before my brother decapitated it.  I got him back, I damaged his Bond car.   I remember asking mum if she'd take my doll to the dolls hospital, we had one in Liverpool, and I was most upset when she wouldn't. 

Enough waffle,  Art Therapy tomorrow,  more work on the memory box.  Going to buy a few more bits of dolls house stuff, it is the perfect size for the box.  I need a bookcase, armchair, and would like a miniature pack of cigarettes! 

All for now.

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