Friday, 7 March 2014

Cupboards and boxes

It's suddenly all about wood.  Yesterday my cupboard arrived, here is a pic of it semi assembled - so chuffed with it!

Then at art therapy we got out new project - memory boxes.  Ours were sort of flat packed, so to speak.  John had cut all the wood and we had to assemble it.  Out of all the women in the room I was the only one who knew how to wield a hammer, and bang in a few nails.  To me it was self explanatory,  all the pieces fitted in a certain way...  yet a few were flummoxed.   Aside from that everyone enjoyed getting rid of all of their frustration hammering in nails.   Now I need to decide what will goes into it. 

Meanwhile back to the cupboard. I began the painting,  yes orange and purple, both are a bit 'in your face' at the moment, but with a bit of distressing etc it will soon come together.  I'll put the sides and doors on tomorrow, then move on to the decorating.  Nope, I have no idea what I'll use it for.  I just enjoy building things,  always have.  I would love to build a dolls house and furnish it.    I really wanted to do woodwork at school, but I went to an all girls school and all we had was domestic science!   Mind you we did actually learn to cook,  I see kids today taking in packet mixes - we  had to make everything from scratch.  

The cupboard is going to have a macrame front, it came with two frames and the instructions for the macrame - never attempted macrame, but nor had I ever made a shamballa bracelet.  I just like the idea of the macrame,  and it will be another skill. 

So tomorrow I should be able to put up a new pic of the cupboard - fingers crossed.

Enjoy the weekend.

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