Sunday, 16 March 2014

Speed card making!

Two hours to make an involved card, and that includes having no plan!   All I had was the prompt - use a page from a book.  I didn't have any suitable books,  well none that I wished to tear a page from, so what to do?   I could have gone to a charity shop, got an old book, checked the library to see if they had a book sale on... instead I tore a page out of a recipe book.  Choosing recipes I knew I'd never use.   So have page and now what?  Stamp on it, alter it,  make a collage... ?  Stamps,  but which stamps,  I have quite a few.  Tried some Sheena stamps, and although I liked it, it wasn't quite 'there'.  Light bulb moment - Clarity stamps, birdhouse to be precise. 

I couldn't use the brayer, so I rubbed some green distress ink on the glass mat and painted on the grass,  I sponged on the 'sky', leaving some white patches for clouds,  then added the sun.  Next I added all the stamps.  Not bad if I say so myself.

For the topper I used one of the Sheena stamps, I do love this sentiment.  Stamped it on to the glossy black card with versamark, added perfect pearls (copper) then used a tag die. I also used my bow maker, my first time at making a mini bow - chuffed.  Sorted.  And all in two hours, which for me is fast,  I usually take that long to think up a plan. Even more extreme, I addressed the envelope, put a stamp on it, card is inside - I checked, so it is ready to go, miracle of miracles.

I then focused on the memory box.  I've now covered it with the TH tissue paper,  by accident I got the one that has the meaning of the word 'memory', very apt.  I put some card on the inside, I embossed it using one of my folders,  then used some washable card for the floor, you'll see some photos tomorrow.   I added some masks to the outside, the clock face and compass points,  both represent what a parent is, their time spent with us, and that they are our reference points.  I used some sequin waste to add a bit of modelling paste to give it some texture.   I'm tempted to just keep going, but don't think I ought to,  the idea is to make it in the class.  I'll carry on the prep work, and there is lots to do,  I've got patterns to copy, both sewing and knitting, and I want to incorporate some of mum's old crochet hooks.   I've worked out my shelf system!   Which I now need to test out to make sure it works.   It's appropriate that I'm making this box now, in what turned out to be mum's last week.    I've also been looking at dolls houses,  I am now determined to make one - something I've hankered to do for years.  I had one as a little girl,  I wish mum had let me keep it, but she wasn't one for keeping what she considered 'clutter'.   It was a double fronted post war house, with bay windows,  it had proper lights,  and was all wallpapered,  my uncle made it and the furniture. It kept me amused for hours. 

Another grey day,  so where is all this sunshine?  And there is a cold wind,  at least it is dry,  hope it stays like that.  Right need to go on Google to find more pictures.

Have a good week.

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