Friday, 28 March 2014

And it's Friday...

I was out of the house at 9.30 this morning.  Needed to go into town to take back cheap steam cleaner and get the one I should have bought in the first place.  Toyed with the idea of heading off to Hobbycraft but decided against it, and  instead headed for my local craft shop.  Needed some bits for the next mixed media pic. 

This is a corner of it...  my first ever flower, not finished, still needs work, but quite happy with it. 

Here is the start of it, lots to do of course.  I've decided I want the flower in 3D, so I've cut some petals which will be painted tomorrow. 

The lovely flourish is from Indigo blu,  just gorgeous. And I sprinkled a few butterflies on it, the watch is also an Indigo Blu jobby. 

I also have a pile of stash coming from The Craft Barn,  die cuts, embellishments, couple of masks, and soem deco art metallic paint.   Need to mooch on ebay for an armchair - dollshouse size! 

Had a nice time at Art Therapy, box is almost finished, just needs that arm chair, oh and the knitting bag.  The others are also coming along nicely with theirs,  I took the die cuts back in with me, more good use was made of them.  It is amazing though, eight people, eight boxes and all are unique.  One chap was really worried that he wasn't creative,  he took his box home to paint it, tried different colours and then, knew what he wanted, he'd had that little spark of inspiration and his box is starting to look really good.  My friend is making a box in memory of her dad, he was an expert in DIY and had lots of tools, so she's picked out a few,  they were very old,  and just had that lovely distressed look about them. 

The plan for tomorrow is to pay a couple of bills, then shopping, and home to craft!   I think my Craft Barn stuff is on its way,  would it be too much to hope that it will come tomorrow?  

Enjoy the weekend.

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