Saturday, 8 March 2014

More tales from the cupboard

More on the cupboard.  It is now fully assembled.  So the work on decorating it and turning into a thing of beauty has begun.   Before I assembled it I used rub and buff around the edges of the doors and side panels.  

I wanted something on the doors and fancied using a stencil.  I like this bamboo stencil, but it is square and it has always seemed a bit 'too much', so I butchered it to fit the doors!   I prefer the mask like this and think I'll use it a lot more.  Going to do some dry brushing on the doors to tone them down a touch.   Oh the handles got the rub and buff treatment.

The inside, with the inside of the door having been 'distressed'.   I think it maybe used to hold my embossing powders, or stamp pads.

This pic gives a nice close up of the mask work. I mixed some purple paint in with the modelling paste,  but it might be sanded back to give it a less 'perfect' look.

Yep I've distressed the side, and toned the cracks down with black soot.  Still have the other side and the back to do. 

I want all the edges to have the rub and buff treatment,  it is nice to pick out the detail.   The holes in the doors are to attach the two frames that came with it,  though that is optional.

I lost all sense of time this afternoon,  every section of this took a while to do,  and of course it needs to dry between coats/alterations. 

There was also the match - Everton V Arsenal, well we started well...   then it showed why we need someone to invest in the club and build a good squad of players, and hang on to our talent.

Oops, one more pic, the top.  The fancy bit was orange and now it is gold.  I masked off the purple and added rub and buff, used a brush to get it right down to the join.  It doesn't look gold in this picture, but it was a sunny day,  well when the clouds parted it was sunny. 

It was a very mixed bag of weather,  sunny but cold, then cloudy and even colder,  a few rainy bits, but the one thing that was constant was the wind!

I did think that I'd spend the day differently today, I had in mind to go and do some beachcoming but I woke up too late (I enjoyed the lie in), then I realised the match was on so all plans were changed.   Had a silly letter from the council wanting Council Tax from 2012, well I wasn't the tenant in 2012, mum was and she had full council tax benefit, fortunately I have kept some paperwork and it shows that for 2012 CT was paid in full.  It is only £6,  but they can go swing for it.   Always amuses me when you get three or four letters from the same department, sent on the same day but all in separate envelopes - dumb or what?    And more bumph from Virgin TV,  I am sick of the stuff, it all gets binned.  Had a very irritating cold call, the chap mispronounced my name so I said that there was no-one here by that name and said goodbye, the cheeky sod rang back, told him to get lost,  and he rang back again, this time I swore at him then started banging the phone - hope that gave him a headache, but it worked as he soon hung up.  Sorry I am no longer being polite to cold callers,   I've put a stop to most of them, so the rest can get lost.

More of the cupboard tomorrow...  all for now.

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