Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Change of plan/mind...

I completed the mixed media picture yesterday - and hated it!   Just wasn't 'me'.   So I took the picture apart this morning and decided to start again.   

First task was to use a darker blue, also added some turquoise and slate grey to get this mix.  Much better,  more to my taste,  has a grungier feel to it.

Next problem - what to put on it?   I want to use some of the same stuff, but not all of it.   So I messed around a few ideas.

This is the first idea,  I stamped the image onto some tissue paper.  I think she needs to be higher up...  ?    Yes bigger would be better, but it is a stamped image!   I like the cogs, they got a coat of silver and black embossing powder.   Still like the hinges,  and flowers... needs some modelling paste.

Idea number two.  Can't for the life of me remember where I got this picture, it was in my bits and bobs box.  I do like it, and it suites the picture....  I'm in for more messing around tomorrow.

Yesterday was a sad day, it was the anniversary of my mum's death.  It hardly feels like a year has passed.   I had a sleepless night,  woke up and thought it must be 9 or 10 oclock, and without looking at the time I got up - mistake, it was in fact 7 a.m.!   I felt like rubbish,  took me a while to even feel like getting dressed.   I went to one of mum's favourite places - the beach.  It was sunny yesterday, but there was a very cold wind blowing.   The beach was full of dog walkers,  I had to laugh as one dog padded towards me,  he was a big, lollopy dog with huge ears which were flapping in the wind.    My heart wasn't into crafting, that was the reason why the picture came out wrong, my heart wasn't in it,  and wasn't all weekend.  I just kept thinking back to last year.  I got a lovely e card from my niece,  and my cousin phoned to see how I was coping.

I've just signed up to all the outings on the art therapy list - nice to have stuff to look forward to. One sounds very interesting, a photo walk,  think I'l enjoy that.  There is another add on workshop, and I've asked to join another follow on workshop which is on Friday's.    I'm hoping that doing two workshops will boost my mood.  I tend to feel flat on a Friday after the art therapy, and there is also the need for company.   It is far too easy to just hunker down in the flat.  Well that is the plan,  as for tomorrow, it is to finish the picture and then plan to tidy up this flat.

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