Friday, 14 March 2014

What a Hoot.

Today was not a day I had been looking forward to - my birthday.  Not for the obvious reasons such as the passing of time,  but because it would be my first birthday without my mum. It doesn't matter what age you are, you are always a child,  a parent is a constant in your life, they are your reference point, and when they go, well you are inclined to drift and wonder who you are.

To my surprise I slept well,  indeed I thought I may have a lie in but a panic attack put an end to that.  I'd put aside all the cards and parcels,  normally I would have waited for mum to wake up, but there was no need this year.  I made a cup of tea and then opened them,  and it wasn't long before the tears started to flow.

Until I got to this parcel... well if these can't make you laugh then what can?  They are from a very dear friend,  and had been purchased with the aim of making me smile.  Well it worked.  I was also very touched by the above present from my cousin as it was so unexpected.   I think I will have to rename my flat The Owlry!  It now has an abundance of owls as candles, carvings, candle holders, slippers...  There is something magical about an Owl.  My first encounter with one was when I was 3 years old,  I had got lost and was found by a policeman who took me back to the station.  They had an Owl, must have been an Eagle Owl as I clearly remember it spreading its wings.  And I keept encountering Owls,  once on the way home from my sister's house in North Wales a Snowy Owl flew right across my path, it took my breath away with its beauty.  Then a couple of years ago as I was heading home after a drum lesson an Owl again flew right across my car, causing me to stop.  And very mysteriously an Owl feather was lodged in my engine...

I got myself ready for my lunch date,   I knew that my friend hadn't had a good couple of days and so I was delighted when she arrived at the restaurant.  I'd had one other surprise, a small refund from the taxman, so lunch was on him!   We were chatting so much we forgot to look at the menu,  even when we got our meal we didn't stop talking.   My new friend understands my situation, and I understand hers,   it is lovely not having to explain your odd behaviour, why you just may cancel a date at the last minute, or have a bad day.   I think we could have whiled away the rest of the day at the restaurant.  I had been hoping for a sunny day, that was one wish that wasn't granted,  it was sad because I'd chosen the restaurant down at our marina, which on a sunny day is a great place to be. 

So not one minute of crafting today, not that my mind was very far away from my memory box.   I was given some old patterns,  they are just perfect and I can photocopy them for the box.  I also wanted a sewing machine, but a very tiny one, so I went on a hunt around the Dolls house websites, then went to ebay!  A very tiny old fashioned looking sewing machine is on its way to me, it is very similar to the one my mum used to make all my summer dresses.    I also want to include a system of shelves in the box, but don't want them to be too intrusive, again the brain has been whirring as to how I can do that.   I shall have some fun tomorrow ageing the box,  and working out this shelf system.   I think I also need a day to myself, this week has been full on,  I've packed a lot into it and now I need some downtime. 

The last pic...

My birthday cards, most are hand made from my fantastic friends.  I never expected this to be a happy day,  it has been bittersweet,  but more sweet than bitter.

Have a lovely weekend, make the days count with those you love.

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Anne said...

Hi Maggie I'm glad that your was more sweet than bitter. Also happy I was a teeny part of it withy card. Hugs Anne UKPC