Sunday, 23 March 2014

Take one canvas...

 Thought I would do something different this weekend.  I liked the idea of a mixed media picture,  fortunately I had a couple of canvasses, just needed some lace.  A quick dash to lovely haberdashery and the lace issue was sorted.

So to the canvas, I gave it a coat of paint, wasn't bothered how it looked as it would just be the back, back, background - you'll see what I mean shortly!   Whilst it was drying, I picked the card, and other bits and bobs, got them all together.  Then I found a favourite stamp, so did some stamping.   Now it was time for... dinner!

Sunday.  I woke up at 10.30,  so much for my promise of an early start.  Not that I was bothered,  it is Sunday afterall.  Just after lunch I sat down at the craft desk, had a tidy up so I could find stuff, then thought about the picture. It needed some interest, so used my tissue paper, then next up was a piece of sequin waste and modelling paste - yep it was looking good.  Def need more grunge type stuff, will have to go to DIY store for supplies.   Whilst this was drying I embossed a few of the die cuts I was going to use, and then looked for my grunge board stuff.

Now it was time to stick the card and lace in place.  I used my home made modge podge, works a treat.   Just need to do a spot of tearing here and there, then I'll be happy.  I was finding this very absorbing,  and was wishing that canvas was bigger.  

I messed around trying different arrangements for the bits and bobs that will go on.    When I looked up I realised the sun was out!  Yesterday had been a washout, and very cold, at one point there was white stuff.  

This is one possible arrangment,  not sure, hence nothing is stuck into place.  Still want to add some accents here and there.   If you look at the blue flower you may just make out the centre, I meant to take a picture of it.  It was something I saw on Youtube, this lady just chucked in some beads into a bottle top, it was so effective that I've used the idea. Yes, it is definitely needing more in the way of accents.  Maybe play with it tomorrow. 

Not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow, it will be the anniversary of mum's death.   I was disappointed when a friend, a very close friend had forgotten about it.  She had skyped me and asked how I was, when I said I felt really down she asked why.   She is a good friend, but sometimes she doesn't think beyond herself.  She was more upset when I said I'd have to pull out of our weekend away,  well the electricity and gas bill arrived, and it was more than I had budgeted for.   I have the money, and it is partly my own fault that it is high,  there were times when I had put the heating on meaning only to leave it on for an hour, and had then forgotten about it.   But with the bill being high it meant I had a tough choice, cancel the weekend and pay the bill,  or do both and feel the pinch.  It was a no brainer, I'd rather cancel the mini break and then not have to worry about money,  wasn't really looking forward to the long drive to Glastonbury anyway.  In fact last time it took so much out of me that I didn't actually enjoy my break.   I can plan something for later in the year, and when the weather is hopefully warmer and there is sunshine.    I also wasn't happy when I said to my friend that she could come here if she wanted,  she has a well paid job,  so I was mystified why she starting dithering and muttering about petrol costs. So it was okay for me to fork out £70 for petrol, but not her who gets nearly 3 times as much as me per month.  Mmm...  left me with food for thought.

Now I'm off to do some writing.  Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

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Anne said...

I love the canvas Maggie. I know exactly how you are feeling re your friend. I've been let down by some several times. I have been learning a few valuable lessons. Sending hugs. X