Sunday, 30 March 2014

Take a flower..

Today was a day I wanted to ignore,  so there was only one way - stay indoors.   In spite of my best efforts I still woke up early, and gave up the fight for sleep around 7 a.m.,  well actually it was 8 a.m. - clocks went forwards.   I felt very down this morning, I had thought about a walk, but couldn't find the energy.  Instead I tackled some ironing until my hands were sore, no I don't mean I was ironing for hours, but my hands have been really sore and painful these last few days. 

I sat down at my craft desk just after lunch and first job was to stick the flower on the canvas.

I tried pinflair, and it sort of worked, but in the end I went with super glue (memo to self, get some glue sticks!).   This was only because I wanted to bend the petals.  I made a template for the flower, cut out five, then painted them, and finally gave them a glossy finish.

Next was to build up the picture.  I'd already stuck on some tissue paper, I then chose some lace for the top.   The lovely flourish was left unadorned,  (Indigo Blu),  and it was topped off by a silver butterfly, and you can also see a golden butterfly in the bottom corner.

So the pic now looked like this.  I added two watches, (2 to give balance).   The rulers were a happy accident,  one was laying on the desk and so I put it on the picture... liked it and added two more.  More butterflies were added, then the sentiment... but it didn't seem 'complete', a bit of a gap in the middle.  I was also half watching the mixed media show (at last proper crafting on CnC!),  loved it and got some ideas.  But boy were those canvases a bit pricey - 8.99 for 3?  I'll stick with the pound shop or Dunelm. 

So had a cup of tea, and a think...  tried various things, nothing was working.  Had a tidy up and...

Unearthed the hinge, and the little metal watch.  Brilliant,  used copper embossing powder on the hinge, gave it two coats, left the fob watch alone.  Perfect.

I did try stamping the sentiment on to acetate, well first try was on clarity double sided adhesive sheets, using gilding flakes, then I cut it with a die.  It looked nice, but didn't suit the picture.  Tried stamping on to the canvas - didn't work, luckily because the tissue paper had a coat of PVA the stamped image came off with a wet wipe.   Happy with this, it is bright and cheerful. Got one more canvas left. 

I was very tempted to buy the melt pot on CnC,  they had a starter kit at a reasonable price, but I've spent my allowance for this month.   I've decided that a melt pot is a must have,  I could do so much more with it. I also have a few tubs of enamel powder, plus frantage, just need the pot!  But it will have to wait a little longer.   I'll definitely be doing more mixed media pictures,  so much more satisfying than a card or a tag.

I hope all you mums have been spoiled by your families.  Thanks for stopping by.

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