Monday, 3 March 2014

That Monday feeling

Yesterday's crafting was a lot of stop and start, mostly 'stop'.  I didn't seem to get anything done. Today I realised that I did make a background, and I made a start on Harlequin.  That got finished off today, well almost!   The usual happened, I like it, but it ain't right.  Just worked on a new design,  also spent some time on this piece distressing it.  I just took off some of the paint here and there,  the effect was great. I also added some stamps,   but realised that they need to be embossed on to the glass so will have to check out Youtube.

This piece did go to plan, well the plan that formed in my head.  For this I need to use a page from a book, not many books that I wish to tear a page out of... then I spotted the cook book!   So I've ripped a few pages out of that, mainly from the fish and pork section as I'm not keen on either.   I trimmed it down to a large tag,  used dylusions, green and blue, which were thinned down.  Next I applied some modelling paste,  I added a bit of green acrylic paint,  then using the wing from the magpie stencil I embossed through it.   After that I used some of the oriental stamps.  It isn't finished,  lots more to do to it.  This in turn has given me an idea for the Journal 52 project!  

And this is the cupboard that will soon be on its way to me.   Well mine will be plain, then it will be up to me to decorate it.  I really can't wait to get my hands on it.   I've already pikced out some pieces I can use on it.  And I found two lovely small frames, half price,  that will look great on it, oh and some hinges!

Today wasn't a bad day,  at least what I planned to do got done, which makes a change.   So tomorrow a slight revamp on Harlequin,  some repainting,  and try the stamping again...   though I've also got the decal stuff.  Off to Youtbue!

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