Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bedknobs and broomsticks, oh and a table!

Look no house...  !  I switched to the furniture,  well they say a break is as good as a rest.   I sifted through all the left over bits, and came across what had been the window inserts - perfect for bedsteads!  

I worked out the measurements, then cut all the necessary pieces, next came the boring, but essential bit: sticking it all together.   The bed was then put to one side while I moved on to the mattress. 

A pricking mat became a mattress, with pillow.  As itwas going to have another layer of material, I made sure that the mattress was slightly smaller than the bed frame.  

Then the bed and mattress were left to dry over night.  So what else could I make?  Another rummage and I found a wooden circle, okay that could become a table, but it needed a stand?  More rummaging through the stash,  and I found a cotton reel.

It was a wooden cotton reel, unlike the horrible plastic things we have today.  I remembered that I was going to use it in the memory box.  So one circle, and one cotton reel, put them together and you get a small table! 

I found another circle, so could make two tables, though  I will have to come up with a different base. 

Time was a moving on, and my tummy was complaining about being empty. 

Today it was time to finish off the first bed.  I found some wadding, so put that over the mattress,  and then carefully applied the fabric glue. 

The rummaging through the stash had also unearthed some lace, which I felt would finish off the bed.  But what about the bed?  It was looking a bit boring (it will be painted), and stumbled across some tiny owls - who could resist?  Well I couldn't, so I have an 'owl' bed.

I also covered the table.   It will have some material round the sides, but that will need to have a few pleats.  Pleats mean an iron...  so I'll do that tomorrow.   I have some ric rac ribbon, which will make a nice edging. 

I also found a blog which shows how to make a pleat board - for curtains.  And I have more lace, a wider one, it will do nicely as a lace curtain.  I know a good shop where I can pick up odd bits of material, netting and lace at a fraction of the price Hobbycraft charge.

Then I began work on bed number two, and had an idea to make the bedstead look a bit different using wooden beads.   I secured the beads with pins, the side posts were all glued on, as were the supports for the mattress.  That needs to be left overnight to let the glue set properly. 

I've still not source any really thin foam,  Hobbycraft do sell it online, but not in store - which is annoying.   So will have to go the online route.  Did look at some foam suppliers but you have to buy a minimum amount.

The house is just about finished, but I have a decision to make, do I keep it?   It is rather large, and there isn't anywhere in the flat that I could store it.   It hasn't cost me much,   the materials I've bought can also be used for crafting, or another house.  Yes, another house, only 1:24. half the size of the present house.   I've had a good look around and I found a lovely site that sells small houses, and for reasonable prices,  they've got a good reputation as well.  I've learned a lot putting this house together, but have really been frustrated by the poor quality of the wood.  Of course it wasn't quite intended to be the sort of dolls house I've made it, even so I think a child would have destroyed it pretty quickly.   Well it cost me £20, so no real loss.  I have bought some furniture but I can put that on ebay.  This is the reason why I'm now having a bash at making furniture,  if I buy the 1:24 house it will need much smaller furniture.  Oh did I mention that the smaller houses, and all the furniture is far cheaper?   The prices on some of the 1:12 houses are out of my price range,  some sellers are also a bit cheeky,  a few have been showing a town house complete with basement, but it is only when you read the details that you realise you only get the house, NOT the basement, which costs as much as the house. 

We've just had a thunderstorm,  Harvey is not pleased as it is lashing down.  However he is a much happier cat after discovering that the plastic food bowls were upsetting his nose.  I've now bought him some new china bowls,  he has since tucked into a flavour of food he'd previously refused to look at,  and he's eaten all his meals.  So I am convinced that he was picking up an odour from the plastic bowls.     We had fur flying last night when his girlfriend tried to come in,  Harvey sent her packing.  Well she had bopped him on the nose the previous evening. 

Looks like the thunderstorm has passed over,  now on its way to Southport.   So all for now,  try to stay dry this weekend, aren't we having a delightful English summer - NOT.

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