Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Making progress!

Another productive day!  Can you spot the changes?   They are subtle...   More in mo.   The morning started early,  with a hungry cat staring at me.  He'd flatly refused to eat anything,  now I'm not sure why but, I wondered if it was the plastic food bowls.  So I used a small plate and put some food on that, one he really doesn't like,  it was wolfed down, saucer pretty much left clean.  Stuck with the plates, and so far he's eaten every meal with no fuss, so was he smelling something from the plastic?  Who knows, all I know is that he is happy and full.

This is the 'change' or new addition, some brick work.  Yes it looks a tad untidy, the reason why is because it isn't stuck down.  I put down two strips of masking tape, then some DST, stuck on the 'bricks', leftovers from the windows,  then cut some, and then gave them a coat of paint.  It is easier to paint them this way than try to do it individually.  Once they've had two more coats they'll be left to dry, then they will be stuck on properly.  

See, I'm not as daft as I look!  I do have the odd brain wave, this one came to me last night.   I didn't want to start measuring each brick, seemed more sensible to temporarily stick them into place,  the masking tape provided me with the means to line them up, then it was on with the paint, trying to get into all the nooks and crannies.   This does mean that there will be no room for the shutters. 

The sofa is coming along... okay it does look a bit worse for wear here, but that is because it isn't glued together.   I found some foam, but while it works for the seating, it isn't quite right for the arms.  This is also my first attempt at anything like this.   I found some foam tape, but it is too gungy.   I also need some fabric glue.  Just need to source some thin foam,  or wadding.  I would like to make as much of the furniture as I can,  I'm sure with a bit of trial and error I may be able to fit out the kitchen. 

This is the material for the sofa,  a paisely pattern. I bought a fat square of material,  spent a whole fiver, for five large pieces of material!   I worked out that I'd have spent just as much in the cheap material shop, and would have had to have bought much more than I needed. 

It is time consuming,  but that has more to do with the poor quality of the wood.  I've been painting, then sanding, using some modelling paste to try to get a smooth finish, or as smooth as I can.  

I'm happy that Harvey is at last happy about his food.   No idea why I thought that the plastic food bowls might be the cause,   they are washed regularly, in fact I have four which rotated, so he always had a clean bowl.   But his little nose is more sensitive than mine,  so maybe he was picking up an unpleasant smell,   I now seem to have a content cat.   Peace at last, can it last...   who knows, Harvey does appear to be a law unto himself.

Very humid here,  horribly sticky.  Rain set in around lunchtime,  and it got windy,  our typical summer!  Might have known, I got new sandals, hardly worn them!   Mind you the memory foam skechers are getting plenty of use,  I could wear them all the time.  Well must go sort out the recycling, bin day tomorrow, neighbour has put bins out for me, now just need to put the papers out.  Think it is also time for a cuppa.

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