Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Yet another update on the house

A small disaster today...   but it did go well yesterday.   Over the last couple of days quite a lot has been added.   Since I opted to chop off all the sticky out lugs,  it has also meant altering the front door and shutters.  Or rather how they will be attached, the hinges that came with the house were a tad clumsy looking,  and didn't seem to work very well. So I've filled in all the holes,  for the front door it also involved making a door frame. This being down stairs meant it was very fiddly!   I had to ensure I had enough patience to finish the job. 

And, well, I think I did a pretty neat job.  It has also finished off round the acetate very nicely.  But oh boy was it fiddly.  I cut all the pieces to the right length, then secured them in place with masking tape,  next I marked off the angle,  and made sure each piece had a number so I knew in which order they were to be glued, and which way round!  It is incredibly easy to get confused, well it is in my case.   It was a two mugs of tea job,  plus ginger nut...   Then phew, it all fitted, to complete the job two thinner strips of wood were stuck top and bottom. 

I took a pic of the bedroom at dolls eye level.  All the window frames are now complete, as are the beams, to hold the lights,  the upstairs door has been framed both sides, and all but one of the skirting boards has been stuck in place.   I've almost finished the picture rails,  each takes a couple of coats of paint, plus sanding inbetween each coat.  Besides, did I say I was in a rush?  I'm not, this will take as long as it takes, and there is still a great deal to do before I can really start thinking about furnishings. 

Now for that disaster... well I decided to tile the rear section of the roof,  which has two holes in it.  So off I went,  then as I neared the end I realised I'd gone wonky somewhere.   Did I scream, or shout, tear at my hair, nope, just sat down and had a mug of tea.  Then I looked at the problem, only one solution, start again.  I knew what I'd done,  I'd got one line of tiles slightly out.  Hey ho.  I needed to stop and make more tiles anyway, and for that I needed the papercutter, which in turn needed a new blade...   I worried that maybe a journey to The Range might be necessary (as Hobbycraft didn't have any), but I had a quick rummage and found a spare blade!  Eureka!!!!!!!!!!!    So I made all the tiles, and they just need to be stuck down tomorrow. 

There is also stuff on the way, some lights, and some hinges.   Then I discovered more hardware for dolls houses, like letter boxes, and locks,  door knobs.  Of course I'm going to order some.  Also wondering if I can make some pelmets?    Both orders have been dispatched, have a feeling the hinges will arrive first

Not been very well,  managed to contract cystitis,  which made me feel really grotty.   I think I am now on the mend, the aching has stopped at least,  though my back is still very sore.  Didn't get a great nights sleep, woke up wth pins and needles in both arms and hands at 3 a.m.,  needed more pain relief, and made myself some tea and toast.  Managed to drift off again till 6 a.m.,  another painkiller, more tea, back to sleep till 8.30,  then it was time to get up.  Can't stay in bed as I get too stiff,  and the longer I stay in bed the longer it takes me to get going.   Harvey shot out for his constitutional,  he'd devoured all his food,  then devoured the next lot.    His girlfriend tried to sneak in,  but I was waiting with a spray bottle,  sorry but she is just too cheeky - she has one aim, to eat his food and trust me, she doesn't need any extra food! 

Well next update should see the house boasting some lights, and a roof.   Till then take care.

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