Monday, 24 August 2015

Making beds and hanging pictures..

Well can you spot the difference?  Yep, we have some furniture on the landing and in the first bedroom.  I found some small frames, it was the perfect size for the house,  I used a sticker of a train. 

It has been a fruitful few days.  I have managed to locate material amongst my stash,  the frames,  some brocade stuff, plus flowers for the plant pots.  Need to keep rummaging as I have a small iron lurking somewhere.  Oh and more lace. 

Here is the landing.   You can see the small plant pot,  I cut down some flowers, used filler and set the flowers into it.  Once it was dry I used some dark brown poster paint to make the filler resemble soil.  

Now spot the mistake... the table. Or what passes for the skirt of the tablecloth.  Yes well sewing was never my thing!   I know what I've done wrong, not enough material, so will have to try again. At least I got the running stitch right. 

And the blue bed, not yet in situ, still needs more work.  it needs another bit under the mattress, plus some decoration.  Oh those holes willl be filled in, and a few beads will be stuck on them.  But it is starting to look rather smart.  I'm now working on a breakfast bar.  Now need to use my noggin to think up ideas for how to make a sink unit, well what to use for the sink. 

I had two lovely bits of news today, first my friend got the results of her biopsy,  the mole was non malignant, so that is a relief.  Then my niece/god-daughter tells me she is pregnant!   She and her husband have never spoken about having children,  we all assumed that maybe they wouldn't, then they go and surprise us all.  I'm thrilled for my sister who has had a really rough time of things,  so news that she will be a grandmother will be the boost she needs.   In fact it is the good news that my family needs. 

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week.

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