Friday, 7 August 2015

From the mess rises order... or so I like to think

This is what the house looks like before I begin work on it.  The only place I can work on it is in the kitchen, so after each session things are tidied up (honest), or dumped on the table... ! 

I was going to venture out today but my back went into spasm, so I was confined to the flat.  I've tried all my stretches but nothing is working, painkillers have only taken the edge off the pain.  So it was a slow morning, very slow,  I managed to get some clothes on around 11.30 a.m.  Did not enjoy my sandwich... 

 Yesterday I'd prepped the skirting boards, a few coats of paint, sanding between each coat.  Then they were left overnight.   So they had one more coat,  while that dried I had a mug of tea. 

Some careful measuring,  and I do mean 'careful', trying NOT to make too many mistakes.  Out came No Nails and on went the skirting board.  It has made all the difference,  and has finished off the bottom half of the wall. 

I pinched the armchair from my memory box, made at art therapy last year,  just to give an idea of what things will look like when it is finished. The chair is to scale,  I plan to have a chair, or maybe a small sofa, plust table and bookcase on the landing. 

It is really all starting to take shape.  I am still looking at lighting,  think I will go for contemporary, I'm not a chandelier type of person.   I'll put a standard lamp on the landing, make it look cosy.

Next door in the bathroom the floor was being stuck into place, with the help of one of my old uni books.  A very heavy tome on 19thC English literature.  I completed all the window frames, and you may just spot that I've put a door frame round the 'hole',  was thinking, well still am, about maybe putting a door in there. 

Yesterday I got some more wood from Hobbycraft, balsa, far easier to cut.  Then I made a boo boo when cutting some beams.  Instead of making sure that the partition was at the right width I went ahead and measured the batons... yep, you've guessed, once the roof was in place the batons no longer fitted!  Rats, at least the piece of balsa was only 99p.  And I can use it for something else.   Why, are you thinking, is she cutting beams?  Well how else do I hang the lights?   The roof is too high,   so one needs to improvise.   I also kind of made a mistake with the rear roof,  I papered it,  then realised it had a right and wrong side...  at least it was only white paper.  I trimmed all the lugs, and have made sure that they all slot into place.  Need to turn my attention to the front of the house, the verandah, and the front door area.  All the bits have had a couple of coats of emulsion,  now they need a top coat,  and a lot of sanding. The front door area needs some filler,  then the doors need 'glass', and to be painted. 

Tomorrow,  if my back is better, I am going to the dolls house shop.  The plan is to look at lighting, but what is the betting that I come back with something else? 

Oh, I now have Windows 10.  When I got the notification I have to say that I thought it was something dodgy, but I checked it out on the BBC website and found it was legit.  So I signed up for it, and yesterday it was delivered to my PC.  I'd already run the checks to see if my PC would run it, I had been running Windows 7,  with the service pack, so I was okay, and the comptuer had plenty of memory etc.  The whole thing only took an hour, I was impressed,  still getting used to it.   I know Windows is much maligned, but let's face it, they have had some successes.  Plus if Gates hadn't put it onto the market we'd still be feeding floppy disks into the PC.   My first PC was the Amstrad,  remember that, it came complete in a box, with a very noisy dot matrix printer and ran locoscript.  I loved it.  Very easy to use, and it had quite a powerful DTP program.  That first PC cost me the same as this one, which of course is far more powerful, and does stuff in a few seconds.   Then there is my Kindle,  which was my treat to me after mum's death.  I can't believe that such a small thing has so much power,  or has HD!   Funny old world.

The weather is supposed to resemble summer over the weekend, that is summer up here in the North West - the bit that London always forgets, as does the Met office.   So hope the sun is shining where you are tomorrow,  lets enjoy it while it lasts.

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