Saturday, 29 August 2015

Out with the old, in with the new

A blue front door, complete  with tiny hinges.  Yes the big house is finished.  I've done all I can with it,    I may have a bash at the curtains as I've got plenty of material.  I've learned a great deal over the last few weeks.   And importantly that a quality finish to the kit is vital. 

This was an experiment to see if I had the necessary skills and patience to take on such a project.   The latter was foremost,  depression means a loss of interest and patience.  But this has kept me occupied.

Here it is, a far cry from whence it started, a drab looking shell, with nasty sticky out lugs.  I've improved the window ledges,  and put on some fancy brickwork.  I do need to finish off the flashing round the roof.  I gave the roof tiles a coat of Paynes Grey,  also did the same with the verandah.  The doors were finished off with powder blue poster paint, then they had a few coats of glossy mod podge.  I need to take the right hand door off, I got the alignment of the hinges slightly wrong.  The left side of the door went on perfectly.  All the white bits got another coat of paint. I also used some filler on the verandah to try to improve the rough wood.  A dremel tool would have helped enormously with the fiddly sanding.

So the old house is just about done, and I'll soon be starting work on Teapot Cottage.  I'm gathering all my materials and tools.  This will be a challenge.   Not sure whether to order the wonky roof tiles that Petite Properties have in stock. 

Talking of the Dremel hobby tool,  I went to our Tesco Extra to see if, by some rare chance, they may have had the Dremel in stock.  It is available online, but sadly not instore!  Which is darned annoying as I had been saving the vouchers.  I can get it at Argos by using my Argos card.  It is what CnC call a 'considered' purchase,  but I can see it being mighty useful in my new hobby. 

The miniature houses fulfil me on many levels,  first it means I am constructing something, which I've always enjoyed doing.  Then there is the creative side, using my papercrafting and multi media skills.   And then there is the joy of being absorbed in something.   My depression appeared to have robbed me of my ability to daydream.  I was a champion daydreamer.   It got me in trouble at school, mum would tell me that she'd find me just staring into space or out of the window, totally in my own world.  Building the house has helped me rediscover my daydreaming skills.  I only realised the other day that it had come back.   Nor do I worry or find myself fretting over the house,  I always fear I'll be judged. But that hasn't happened with the house,  I've just found myself enjoying the creative process.  I've been able to think through projects, like the beds, and the bookcase.  Same with the plant pots,  I wondered what to fill them with,  then I realised I had filler, that would do,  if I put the filler in carefully, wiped away any excess it would be fine.  I knew I had some tiny flowers buried in the stash.   

I will start blogging on Teapot cottage as soon as it arrives, and show my progress.  It will be much more involved, because I want it to be.  If my daydreaming allows, then it will have a family,  and they'll have a story. 

I could never have imagined when I was given that first papercraft kit where it would take me.  I've had many ups and downs during my crafting.  I'm glad that I broke away and indulged in mixed media,  which I love.  Then I moved on to art,  and rediscovered my artistic side once again.  There have been a lot of people involved in this journey, and I owe some a huge thank you. 

Well that's all for now, enjoy the rest of the bank holiday, and wasn't it fantastic to see Mo Farah win his second gold? 

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