Friday, 14 August 2015

Up on the roof...

I've gone roof mad.   After a lovely lie in this morning I woke up as stiff as a board, a small price to pay for a lie in - I think?   In the morning I sat down and made more roof tiles, while Harvey nipped in and out to tell me about what was happening in the road, sadly I don't understand cat talk so it was a one way conversation.  

Once the roof tiles were all measured, cut and ready to go it was time for lunch.  While Harvey decided it was time for a snooze.

Right after lunch I set about tiling the two gables.  They were as fiddly as I thought they would be,  the worst part was the trimming.  But I got there.   Next I had to adjust the fitment for the lugs, they were clogged up.   Once the gables were ready I tried them out,  and voila!   Don't they look good?   They're not stuck down yet, and won't be until all the exterior work is finished,  plus the main part of the roof needs to be secured first.

I put two eaves on the rear section of the roof,  they now need painting, and cutting, plus the final finish.

And here is the house, with its roof and gables.  What a difference the tiles make.  The focus now is on the exterior.   The verandah is next.  As I said yesterday the current design leaves a very untidy finish. So I put my thinking cap on,  the verandah has a flat roof, which looks a bit nasty.  After some thought I think I have the solution,  I can build a small frame for the top of the verandah roof, then use some light balsa to give a base, then use some more tiles to give a much neater finish.

I also checked out a few other dolls house blogs.  I came away with a whole load of ideas, plus plans to make sofas and chairs.   There was even a plan for a table, which would test my DIY skills. 

Today the focus has been on the verandah.   The first job was to make it fit,  those pesky lugs again!   It took a while but finally all the pieces fitted together nicely,  and were ready to be glued.   I did wonder about putting a small roof on top of the verandah, but that would have entailed altering the front door roof.   I think a thin layer of wood will suffice,  which is what I've done for the small window ledges, the finish isn't the best.  So armed with pencil I drew round the ledge, then carefully cut out a strip of wood.  To my amazement it worked.  I also checked out a few more dolls house sites, trying to source materials for the DIY stuff. 

And my order arrived!   What service from   almost next day.  I was delighted to get my parcel, a very large box!  My first thought was: surely I didn't order that much?  Well no I hadn't, it was all the packing,  inside was a lovely welsh dresser,  chest of drawers and a bed, oh plus a triple wardrobe.  Sadly the latter doesn't fit in any of the bedrooms, my fault for not checking the measurements, but I can either keep it or sell it on ebay.  A pity as it is a really nice piece of furniture.  The other pieces all need some woodstaining and varnishing,  all the drawers work, as do the cupboards.  More importantly they do fit in the rooms,  yes I did get the right size 1:12th,  it says so on the box the house came in.  The wardrobe is just too tall for the rooms.  Some you win, some you lose... 

So shopping list for tomorrow is wood stain,  oh and some wood!  Going to have a go at making a sofa... wish me luck. 

Stay safe,  and enjoy the weekend, they've promised us all sunshine.

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