Monday, 31 August 2015

A wet bank holiday!

No house,   it went off to the community shop. They said they may raffle it :-)    And I have nothing to work on :-(.    Mind you there was some tidying to do in the kitchen, and sorting out the bits left over from the house.   All the tools were cleaned, as were the brushes.  Material neatly folded,  wood sorted...   But what to do?  

My thoughts turned to the memory box I'd made during my time in art therapy.  I hadn't been entirely happy with the box,   plus it needed a cover.  So out came the box,   what to do with it.  Didn't want to start it all over again, the outside was okay, just the inside.

Just to remind you, this is it.  See what I mean, not quite right.  So I took down the naff shelf,  and the horrible paper I'd used.  Carefull took off the pictures, and the little girl.   Then I put a full shelf across the top, using the left over wood.  I've chosen some paper,  and will use the chequered duck tape for the floor.   I'm also going to use the little pot plants I made, and will make a lid out of the acetate to protect it. 

I had to stop after putting in the shelf, the old tum started to rumble.  And Harvey was also letting me know that he wanted his dinner.   He got tuna,  I had mince, new tatties and carrots, the veggies were from my neighbour's allotment.  They were delicious,  as was the tomato I used on my ham sandwich at lunch time.    And the mince was Quorn!  Nice to go meat free a few times a week.    My friend laughed at me when I said I'd bought frozen onions, well why not?    Buying fresh onions doesn't make sense when you are cooking for one.    I just thought I'd give the frozen ones a try, and they are just as good as the fresh ones.  The plus side is that they don't go off.  There are times when I can't be bothered cooking, so any fresh stuff I'd bought would end up being chucked out.  So now it is frozen veg,  unless my neighbour gives me some freebies.   He knows I'm only cooking for one, so he just gives me enough. 

This is my mum,  I love the surprised look on her face.   I printed this out as a 'thumbnail' and fitted it into a tiny frame.  It is in the memory box,  and will of course remain there.  

It's been the usual Bank Holiday,  it even rained!    I managed to have a lie in,  that was nice, I'd been trying to have one all weekend.  Sadly, Harvey had other ideas, wanting to go out and so making a racket.   Today he was also happy to keep on snoozing.  Then he had his usual constitutional,  he stays out for about half an hour, comes back, tells me all about it, then heads off again.  This goes on for around an hour and a half,  then he comes in,  has the rest of his breakfast, one of his treats and then he proceeds to hassle me.   His speciality is deciding to turn the bedmaking into a game, so as fast as I pull the sheet up he pulls it back down, or he'll start diving under it.  

Well I guess my new little house will be put in the post tomorrow,  so it may get to me on Wednesday, yes I know, wishful thinking!   But I've got the memory box to finish, and also a little cupboard which has been staring at me for ages.   I've had the urge to do some cleaning, the nets got washed,  as did the inside of the windows.   A neighbour obligingly did the vacuuming for me,  just can't shift the thing these days.   She took away some of the food Harvey doesn't like!  So it was a fair swap, and we had a nice natter. 

That's me for today, hope you like the 'new look',  I felt the blog needed a change, and I included a picture of my zen garden.   I try to use it regularly,  it is very calming when the candle is lit, and the incense is burning.  

Enjoy the week, hope it goes well for you.  Thanks for stopping by to listen to my ramblings.  Hopefully I can soon report on Teapot Cottage!

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