Thursday, 27 August 2015

Going down in size...

Well I have the bug, for dolls houses!  In fact I felt so strongly that I bought another, this one

It is call Teacup cottage, who could resist it with a name like that?   It is 1:48,  so is tiny,  but I don't mind, in fact I think I prefer smaller.  My joy is in the construction,  and this little sweetheart cost me £29.99,    it is perfectly formed, as you will soon see.  I did think of going down to 1:24,  but then I saw this little collection of houses at   and realised that I could actually have a little village. 

This is the house, and it does have rooms.  It also has a staircase and a porch area.  Everything a large dolls house has.   Don't worry, I can get furniture, and dolls.  This photo shows what can be done to the exterior of the house.  I think my steam punk days will come in handy for that.  I learned a lot about distressing stuff, getting paint to split, wood grain stuff.   I also have a heat gun!  And all the necessary tools. 

This is how Petite Properties did the exterior.  What I do with it is of course my choice.  Though I do like the rough exterior.  In the collection there are more cottages, one is called Parsnip Cottage,  then there is a shop, and a post office...  you can see where I am going with this - can't you?  

They do have rustic roof tiles for sale, but I've already had a go at roofing, and succeeded.  A bit of work with card and paint, or even some very thin balsa wood...  I shall be in seventh heaven.   The grass, I have flower soft stuff..  so that is sorted. 

And the side view, with chimneys.  I remember my Aunty Lylah living in a very old cottage.   We used to visit her,  I remember sharing an enormous double bed with my sister. 

What about the other house?  Well it is finished externally.   I'm having a bash at making some furniture, so far it has a bookcase, beds,  and soon will have a sofa and chairs.  Oh there is also a table on the go, it will have a bench.  All this is good experience for me.  Yesterday I found new blades for the junior hacksaw, plus my clamps, and a mini spirit level.  I may donate it to the local charity shop, tell them that if they think its worth it then they can raffle it or something.  I'm sure it would keep a little girl very happy. 

These smaller houses are definitely not for children, but hobbyists.   Or daft folk like me.  I'm sure I am a frustrated builder at heart.   But when I was growing up a girl wanting to be a carpenter or builder wasn't an option.   I am glad that things have changed.   I can't believe that at school we had a sewing class, totally wasted on me, I hated every damn moment of it.  Had we had the option of a woodwork class, that is were you would have found me.  

I'm having a very up and down week,  so is Harvey.  He attempted to be fussy again, it didn't work,  so he gave up and tucked into the food he'd tried to refuse.   He's wanted a lot of fuss lately,  and now often sits on my knee,  though usually at the most inconveniet times.  He's not a big eater,   he is more of a grazer,  I've learned not to make any fuss over the food, just put it in his bowl and then on the floor.  He has a sniff, wanders off, then comes back and tucks in.  The girlfriend is still on the scene, despite two soakings from me,  she is so damn cheeky.   Trust me she is a well fed cat, and has a very nice home,  she is just trying it on.   

I did tune in to the new craft channel,  very early days, I'm sure things will improve.  Maybe when they start showing other crafts,  working with glass, art,  even dolls houses, I may pay more attention.  I'm tired of CnC,  I won't be renewing my membership this year,  they have put up all their postage,  I looked for some pencils and realised that the postage was more than the cost of the pencils!   Also they stopped the art show, and the pottery section.  It is just papercrafting,  and all the usual suspects being featured ad nauseum.   But the new channel is attracting the craft names, all you can hope is that they are allowed to do some crafting,  and not just bloody stop because the thing has sold out. 

Getting close to my bed time....   I had very good intentions of getting out of the flat today,  never made it beyond the front garden!    Well the body takes a while to get going these days,  plus today I needed to wash my hair and to attempt to make myself look human.  Well that did take a while,  and then I started watching the World Athletic Championships...   suddenly it was lunch time and too late to go out.  Maybe tomorrow? 

Bank holiday looming for us all,  can we hope for some sunshine?  Let's hope so!  

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