Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Coming along nicely.

The blue bed in place,  still awaiting the finishing bits of decoration.   There is also space underneath the bed for a storage drawer.  Yes, the girl is getting adventurous! 

I've been checking out a lot of blogs, and finding plans for dolls house furniture,  most of it is pretty straight forward,  okay it can get fancy, but that is for much later down the track.  I've been looking at jig saws, didn't know that they were so cheap.  But it would make life easier making the furniture,   I'll be able to cut quicker and also do round stuff.  There is also my hands to consider, they're not up to much these days.  Keep waking up with numb hands. 

I made another table, more waste wood from the house.  The legs and edge of the table were painted with deco art, the top is black glossy card.  Oh, and the other plant pot. Talking of plants,  I found all my flower soft stash,  so I can make more flowers!   I should probably do an inventory of what I've got,  I keep stumbling across stuff that I'd forgotten all about.  Then again, a good tidy up would also help.  I sort of stashed the stash any old place after mum died.  Wasn't in the mood to look at it or use it. 

And the next project!   This will either be a book case or a chest of drawers.   I'm making good use of all the waste material from the house.  I was just going to make a book case, then when I got this far I realised that I could make some drawers.   Or it could even be a dressing table,  if I can figure out how to make a stand for the mirror.   I will need stuff called basswood,  which is harder than balsa.    I took a look at the chest of drawers that I bought,  it wasn't complicated, not even the drawers.    Best fish out the clamps from the toolbox.

I'm learning a lot working on the house, not just in how to make stuff. But in exercising more patience, and also not giving up so quickly.    There is another reason for my patience, it is my poor health, it has forced me to slow down.  I can't rush anywhere,  not like I used to,  so I've had to learn how to move at a slower pace.  I still get to wherever it is I'm going, maybe a little later, but that doesn't matter.  I've had to apply that to other areas of my life,   sort out what is actually important.  It is still, like the house, a work in progress,  my life that is.   I may figure it all out one day,  or maybe not... 

Well tomorrow I must get a bit more basswood,  and try to turn that carcass into something.  

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