Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Now I have half a roof!

The villain of the piece, looking like butter wouldn't melt.  Me and Him had an argument last night, he'd turned his nose up at fresh chicken and then refused the cat food... so guess who went to bed very hungry?  Yep, Harvey!   He sneaked onto my bed in the night, gave a little miaow,  then settled down for a snooze. Needless to say in the morning the chicken was gone, and some of the cat food.    He seems to have a couple of days of being awkward over his food, then all goes back to normal.   He was very apologetic today,  and scoffed his food.

Today I chose to do the front half of the roof, which is the trickiest as it has the two gables.  I'd already watched a YouTube video on how to make the tiles, and had made a few but I felt that they were too small for the house. So I made them slightly bigger, 3x3cm, which was perfect. Then came the laborious bit, making them!  You need to measure them, mark all the tiles, then cut them,  mark out a meeting point for the tiles, then cut up to the halfway point...  it took about an hour, and a few cups of tea.  Finally all the tiles were made, and I needed lunch!

Next came the tricky bit, sticking them all down.  Would it work, would the glue last... ?    Phew the glue made it,  and some how so did I.  It took a few sit downs,  but I got there.   Still have to trim them, and cut out the apertures, but it looks okay.  May need a bit of weathering,  and have to do the eaves,  yes eaves.  The idea came to me last night, it will tidy up the sides.  Yes, more work, but who cares, want it to look good.  I've got enough tiles for the other half of the roof, and the two gables.  I was very pleased with myself, it all took a great deal of patience, which isn't my strong point.

I've learnt a great deal these last few weeks about making a dolls house.  First and foremost I've made good use of all my crafting skills,  each one has come in very handy.  As have all the tools, the cutters, paper trimmer (it makes life so much easier!).  Then there are the DIY skills I've built up over the years, like wallpapering,  putting up shelves and dado rails, laying carpet.   I've not rushed, and if I've got something wrong then I've sat down, had a cuppa, then started over.  Yes there are a few mistakes, but minor ones,  and easily rectified.   And there is still so much to do. 

Not only is there furniture to buy but also all the other bits, china,  cutlery,  pots and pans, bedding...  it really is like furnishing a real house.  I'm now looking at lights, as they are the next vital components,  I've chosen to go down the battery route for this house, but there is still so much choice. 

Well that's it for today,  not a bad day, not the wash out as predicted by the Met office, in fact the opposite. It is raining now, but who cares?   Well Harvey does, he's not a fan of getting wet.  He's currently having a row with his girlfriend, she went too far and stole his chicken - that'll teach him to eat it. 

Will summer ever arrive?   We can but dream...

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