Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Let there be light!

Let there be light!  How's about that for service, ordered on Monday, and here today.  I just put one light up,  couldn't wait to see what it looked like.  I think it looks really nice, and is fine for the bedroom.  I'll get something a bit fancier for the living and dining rooms.   They did have some nice Tiffany lamps and ceiling lights, always wanted one, and now I can.   The hinges also arrived,  and they do fit the front door, phew, did wonder...  It was hard trying to imagine them on the door, size wise.  Now the door needs a letter box and door handles, oh and a lock.

Slightly closer pic of the light.   May put it in the bathroom,  as I've got two ball lights, a tulip shade light.   It is held on with blue tack at the moment.   You may also see that the carpet needs a vacuum!  The debris came from me doing some work on the lugs for the roof, they just needed a small adjustment. 

Today was roof day.  After yesterday's disaster I was determined to do better.   And in spite of a grotty start to the day,  and Harvey doing his utmost to distract me...   I managed it.

I completed the tiling on the rear section of the roof,  it now needs two eaves,  and some finishing off.  I then turned my attention to the porch.   I did all the filling round the door, and a lot of sanding!   I've gone round the white bits again, with a very fine brush, which took ages and a steady hand.   The porch roof was a bit tricky, needed to get the tiles lined up properly on each side.  During lunch I had to make a few more.  I was at least feeling a bit more human by this point.  I'm still getting over the cystitis, which seems to have drained all my energy.

You can see how much progress has been made. Both sections of the roof have been tiled now,  the twiddly bits still need one final coat of paint.  And the two gables need to be tiled,  I need to draw some lines on both sides of each gable so that the tiles will be straight. 

There is also the verandah,  it has a nasty finish to its roof, so want to try to figure out how to give it a better look.    And would you believe I've just ordered some furniture!   How did that happen?

Well I got an email offering 25% off, who could resist?    I also picked up an entire bedroom for £8, reduced from £33!   Now I call that a bargain,  and a bed, plus a welsh dresser.   So I'm on my way, even if the house isn't finished.   

I think a quiet week is in order,  just need to rest up,  though it is hard to break old habits.  I'm not one for just sitting around,  but right now that is what I need to do.  Weather forecast for next couple of days is rubbish,  so may as well hunker down and let the old body recharge. 

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