Thursday, 17 September 2015

An afternoon on the tiles...

It was an afternoon on the tiles.  I did what I promised, started with the toilet roof.  They went on fairly easily,  made sure I drew a straight line for the first row.  Then it was a case of cut and stick until I reached the top. 

I gave it a coat of grey paint, but will begin the distressing once the rest of the roof is finished.  I found myself looking at the roof tops opposite, just to see how they'd weathered, and the different shades of grey. 

Next came the porch roof.  Think I was getting the hang of it,  a little more confidence as well. 

The afternoon hadn't started well, discovered that the mod podge hadn't stuck down the grass.  So used the PVA, and it is now firmly stuck in place.  I also made up the chimneys,  was a bit confused by one,  there were three parts...  the instructions weren't very clear.  So had to study the picture.  It showed a small chimney at the end of the main roof, and then a long one on the side of it.... clang, penny dropped.  The three bits needed to be glued together to make long chimney. 

Close up of one side of the gable roof.  I had discovered that it was best to trim the ends off as I went along instead of waiting until I'd finished.  This is unpainted,  which is kind of giving me the clue to how to best distress the roof.  For the walls I thought I might use my distress ink pads, and a sponge, then seal it with varnish.  I need it to look a little less 'new'.

The whole house, and with a path!   I must confess that the path is still drying, and will need some sanding,  and of course painting.  I used the air dried clay,  really need a smaller cutter - if that is possible!   I was also thinking of experimenting with my masks, pressing the clay into the mask.  I've got a honey comb mask, that could be used as paving.  It is, as it is with all crafting, all about experimenting, and thinking outside the box. 

I honestly thought I'd have the house finished by now.  Not that there is any rush,  simply because it was so small.  Yet when you think about it I still had to make the windows,  prep the walls,  do all the stuff I did with the larger house.  So it will take just as long, if not longer.   There is no comparison in quality, this is a rolls royce, the first house was more like a trabant on a bad day.    It hasn't been as fiddly as I thought it would be,  just needed to use the tweezers now and then.   There is of course still much to be done, but that is all part of the fun. 

I was up early this morning,  managed to get more sleep during the night,  well Harvey did wake me up because he was hungry!   No bloody wonder, he'd not eaten much during the day, but got through two whole packets of food during the night.   He's just tried being fussy, it didn't work, so he just sat down and ate his food.   He wasn't happy this morning, he'd just gone outside for his walk and the builders came, so he shot back in!  It is the sound of the ladders that upset him,  around 6ish a bloke came to sort out some of the scaffolding, Harvey never batted an eyelid, so it is the sound of ladders. Why are cats so thick?   He's now perched on the end of my bed,  content because he has a full tummy. 

Well more roofing tomorrow,  feel as if I am in competition with the builders across the road!   Me building my little house, and them drinking endless cups of tea and doing a little bit of work now and then. 

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