Saturday, 5 September 2015

It's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, finally, after what seemed like ages, the little house arrived today.   I've been stuck in the flat since Thursday, slowly going stir crazy.   In fact I'd given up hope of it arriving today,  saw a post van leave the street and decided that it wouldn't arrive until Monday.   So I popped to the corner shop, on my way back, who do I see, the postie!   I asked him if he had any post for me and he said yes, a little parcel.  I nearly kissed him.   Imagine my surprise when he handed me an A5 padded envelope...   but it was from Petite Properties, so it had to be the house.  

I had to let myself calm down first,  sort of got myself all worked up.  So I had lunch,  did the crossword,  then opened up the parcel...  and there it was: Teapot Cottage!  

This might give you some idea of its size, spot the craft knife?    Surrounding it are the various bits of the house.   Yep it is small!   But so beautifully made,  a quality product.    It is small enough for me to work at the craft desk, which does make life a lot easier.  I had spent the two nothing days tidying up, sorting out my tools, glues and stuff.  I'd had a quick look at what paper I had,  and had found a pad that I thought may just do.  My first job was to sort out all the pieces, and read through the instructions. 

Next task was to make the stair case.  Again to give you an idea of scale, I placed a penny next to the staircase.   It is a perfect staircase for very, very, tiny people.   The instructions said that a tacky glue would be suitable, so I used the mod podge.  Then set it aside to dry.   Oh and I had a cuppa.

I check out the windows, and other bits and bobs.  All of which are to be left to one side until needed.  I painted all the inside walls,  just a thin coat to ensure no nasty blobs.   Though I need not have worried,  there is no comparison between the quality of this house and the old one.  I know this little house is going to be a joy to work on.  

So, what next?  Flooring.  From the paper pad I selected a page which had thick stripes, blue, pink, grey and brown, all with a distressed look.  It is a part of a scrap book pad,  still have the scrapbook.  Can't remember when I bought it.  But some of the papers will be fine for the little house,  most are plain, but they do have that distressed look, which is what I'm after. 

The stripes were a perfect fit for the ground and upper floor.  I'd had to work out were the rooms would be divided. 

Here you can see the ground floor, now papered.  I gave it several coats of the glossy mod podge.  The inside walls have all been painted as well. 

The house is very substantial,  far thicker than the old one, which was basically a poor quality plywood.  This little house fits together very neatly, there are no lugs,  it just all glues together.  Think that part may start to happen tomorrow.  The time, as usual, slipped by so quickly.   But I'd got most of the prep work done.

There are a few more pieces, including the upper floor, now papered.  The funny cut out bit is where the staircase goes.  Talking of which....  I was able to put some paint on it,  giving it a distressed look.  The house is meant to look aged,  maybe even a little run down.  The owner hasn't got much money, like me, so has had to make do.   I have found some nice plain 12x12 paper which will do for the walls,  upstairs and down.  I need to sort out the rooms downstairs.  And also distress my chimney breasts,  it does come with two, but I got two more. 

I've checked out the windows,  they've all got the acetate precut,  there are trusses for the roof.  Not sure if I can do my own roof tiles, think it would be far too fiddly.  The most used tool will be the tweezers,  and my very small paint brushes!    The instructions are very comprehensive,  very unlike  me to actually use instructions - but I am.  

So, I hope you'll join me on my journey as I build Teapot Cottage.  

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